Romania – Fundriding in Europe, incl. safety training

Join us on a guided motorcycle tour through the enchanted mountain world of Romania. We start in the capital Bucharest and show you routes and places in the Carpathians of Tansylvania that only local motorcycle enthusiasts know. More information in the daily descriptions.

The tour is led by none other than Victor Nemes. Viktor is not only one of the best friends of me, Roland Debschütz, but also my best motorcycle student. Many years ago I trained Viktor. He became the leading motorcycle instructor and guide in Romania.

In 2019, Viktor decided to leave his home country Romania together with his charming family to pursue his passion in the Canary Islands. Nevertheless, he agreed to organize and conduct this exclusive cornering and perfection training followed by a fundriding tour in the Romanian mountains for the orphans in Ukraine – THANK YOU.

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Daily description

Individual arrival at the international airport in Bucharest. Of course we will pick you up and take you to the hotel. The tour starts tonight at dinner with a briefing of the tour.

We pick up the motorcycles from the renters and drive to the race track of MotorPark Romania. It is Victor’s home track and he has been an instructor here for years. He will give you an exclusive cornering and safety training. There are no extra costs. Such a training normally costs € 790,-/person.

Auto-Moto race track has a length of 4 km and is 20 meters wide. Of course, today’s kilometers on the track also count for the good cause!

We stay overnight near the race track.

Today we go directly to the mountains. The destination is the mountain region – Cheia – Sinaia.

That means 203 km of curves. Good that we just had the curve training with Victor yesterday. You are now definitely looser and thus safer on the road. Including lunch break we will probably be on the road for 7 hours, a wonderful motorcycle day. And each of you has brought in over € 200, – donations, a doubly nice feeling.

We start today with a visit to the beautiful Peles Castle (Sinaia) and then continue through Brasov to the medieval town of Sighisoara. Here we will have an extended lunch break. After that we will head towards the village of Albota, here we will spend the night very special, on a trout farm. Today’s tour is about 250 kilometers, all in all probably 7 hours of fun and many donations for the orphans.

In beautiful countryside and good roads, our destination today is called “Pension Dacica in Hazelnut Village”. Around noon we stop in the small town of Sibiu. Today’s 216 kilometers and five hours should be enough, we relax in the accommodation, here we also stay two nights.

It is the brilliant place to take an individual day trip, go for a walk or do whatever you feel like doing today. So if you want to look around the area, you can go to Sarmisegetuza Regia, Corvinilor Castle or St. Nicholas Church in Densusi. If you prefer to move on two legs today, a mountain hike is absolutely recommended here.

Today’s destination Tg Jui on the Danube is about 300 kilometers away. We drive via Alun and the highest road in Romania, the Transalpina up to an altitude of 2,100 meters. From up here it goes curvy down to the Danube, wonderful. 7 hours on the road with the motorcycle, here, and for the good cause – Wahnsinns day.

The last 350 kilometers are coming up. We drive back from the Danube to the capital Bucharest.  Here, unfortunately, we return the motorcycles. A common dinner and the eventful Fundridingtour, across the beautiful mountains of Romania, is finished.

Let’s hope that we have covered many beautiful kilometers for a good cause. We are happy that we can help many evacuated orphans in the Ukraine with our hobby and the preceding engagement as fundraiser. Thanks to the fundriders, to all sponsors and of course to the organizer Victor Nemes.

Today we will go back home. Individual departure with transfer to Bucharest airport.

Requirements of the participants:

  • Motorcycle license (in case of self-driver)
  • accident insurance
  • own protective clothing
  • Everybody has to acquire his own sponsors in the total value of 100 cents/km in advance, as for every Fundriding tour.


  • € 1.950,- for the driver
  • €  1.150,- for the pillion
  • € 1.450,- if you arrive with your own motorcycle


  • Assistance with fundraising for KM sponsors
  • Own fundraising page (German, English)
  • Own donation form
  • Promotional material: flyers, own business card, T-shirts
  • Handling of donations
  • Assistance with flight bookings
  • 8 overnight stays in different hotels/pensions during the tour in double rooms
  • Airport transfer for outward and return flights
  • Welcome BBQ
  • Rental motorbike à la BMW F 750/850 GS. Every effort will be made to obtain your desired motorbike.
  • Full insurance with excess
  • Translated with (free version)
  • Supervision by 2 local guides so that different riding levels/expectations can be catered for.
  • Sightseeing (optional)
  • An exclusive cornering and perfection training on the 4Km long exclusively rented track MotoPark Romania with Victor Nemes (value € 790,-)

not included:

  • Flight
  • Single room supplement € 300
  • Petrol, damage due to falls
  • food and drinks

Additional options:

Of course, anyone can add on or pre-store additional vacation time.


Donation goal

A Fundriding tour in Europe 2022 should be ridden in the sign of the Ukraine help. The Kleine Hilfsaktion and its sponsors have been maintaining the orphanage in the west of Ukraine from the very beginning. 300 children who have lost their parents have been evacuated here.

A more suitable destination for a fundriding tour in Europe can hardly be found. Join us, as a participant or as a sponsor of a fundrider!

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