Cambodia – The home of our friends

The country offers impressive images of cultural wealth and breathtaking landscapes. Dreamy temple complexes of all places, bustling markets where you can buy almost everything, Battambang (the pearl of the north in French colonial style), endless rice fields and primeval forests in 1,000 different shades of green, the impressive Cardamom Mountains, the sea at the Thai Gulf with its offshore small dream islands, the pulsating metropolis Phnom and, of course Angkor Wat. The Fundriding tour does not miss any of this and offers the unique opportunity to really get to know the whole country.

In the end, it is the people who make Cambodia something very special. The openness and cordiality with which they welcome us, the friendliness and hospitality that we are given – all this almost seems strange to us Central Europeans. Over the years we have met many people – and not a few of them have become real friends. Friends, who ensure that fundrider get to know and love the country.

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The Route

Our route, which has been tried several times, leads around 1,300 kilometers through Cambodia and includes everything the country has to offer: vast landscapes with extensive rice fields, Buddhist temples and monasteries, swimming villages, the Cardamom Mountains, the jungle, the Bokor National Park, the sea , A dream island to relax, the wilderness capital of Phnom Penh, a boat trip over the Tonle Sap and, of course, Siem Reap, the tourist center at the temple complexes of Angkor Wat. In addition to the dense and diverse impressions of the country, we have emotional encounters with friends and partners who implement the projects of the Kleine Hilfsaktion on the ground, with people in need, who help us quickly and unbureaucratically and with pupils who we want to support Future of Cambodia.

This trip is far away from the luggage-box tourism, can’t be booked anywhere else and probably “the tour of your life”.

Description of the day

Friday: Departure from anywhere to Siem Reap (REP) no fear we advise you on flights

Saturday, Siem Reap: Arrival in Siem Reap. Acclimatize, explore REP, visit Angkor Wat, arrive. For those who want to see the temples of Angkor Wat, get out early because the sunrise on the Temple Mount is not waiting for late sleepers. It is up to you how intensively everyone wants to explore the temples of Angkor Wat. I would suggest that we have dinner together somewhere so that I can explain and inform.

1. Overnight stay: Siem Reap

Sunday, Siem Reap – Battambang by boat: It starts at 7:00 in the morning. We get on a boat. It takes about five hours from Siem Reap to Battambang. We start on Tonle Sap Lake, then it goes on the Sangker River and we end in Battambang. When we arrive at the hotel in Battambang, we only hand in our luggage briefly. There delivery of the vehicles, introduction to Cambodian road traffic, driving exercises, become familiar with the technology. Then check in at the hotel after 5 p.m. Optional: dinner at 8 p.m., approx. 500 m away. Alternatively, everyone can eat in the hotel or do something else. Today we only drive about 17 km by scooter – but beautiful.

2. Overnight stay: Battambang

Monday, Battambang – Banan 50 – 150 km: In the morning departure to our village Chy Hong II and visit of a cave temple, which lies in the midst of a mined mountain. No tourist would get lost here. Lunch at Bong’s restaurant in Banan (definitely the only one with organic food). Also in the afternoon we give you as good an insight as possible into our work on site. We visit some emergency projects, one or two converted schools and of course one PPG project. What all this means, we will explain to you on site. Alternatively take a look at our website On this day we are far out in the country. The ideal place to slowly get used to the handling of our vehicle. Of course, I and the other guides are always there to help you with words and deeds.

3. Overnight stay: Battambang

Tuesday, Battambang – Pursat 110 km: Battambang to Pursat; Today the first stage is scheduled. We will drive about 110 km south on the national road. Our destination is Pursat in central Cambodia. So don’t get up too late, maybe have breakfast at the nearby market in the morning, check out and load wheelchairs etc into the service vehicle. Please prepare everything, a daypack and the luggage that goes into the service vehicle. We will discuss the special features of this stage the evening before.

Our goal is to arrive in Pursat early in the morning, check in and eat lunch individually. In the afternoon we plan your very personal project. From the handover of the wheelchair to the emergency aid project – you are close at hand and become a development worker. On this day we drive approx. 200 km, depending on how far outside the wheelchair is handed over.

4. Overnight stay: Pursat

Wednesday, Pursat – Project day: I have an important and long meeting in the morning. Phalla, David and Basti (the three guides next to me) will take you to the floating villages about 40 km away (no tourist village). Of course this is completely voluntary. If you prefer to stay at the pool of the great hotel, you can do this of course. In the afternoon there is another highlight. We celebrate a school party with the 269 children of our Kandieng Sustainable School; the end will be around 19 o’clock. Return with the scooters to the KM-Hotel. The evening is free for everyone. On this day we drive approx. 120 km.

5. Overnight stay: Pursat

Thursday, Pursat – Veal Veng 120 km: Veal Veng on the Kardamom Mountains. We are not under time pressure. The whole stage is tarred and it is a very relaxed tour with little traffic. It is the direct way to the Kardamon Mountains. Veal Veng radiates an “end of the world” atmosphere – not negative, but intense. Today we drive about 120 km, depends on whether we leave again in the late afternoon and explore the surrounding countryside – so I would be there at. Of course voluntarily.

6. Overnight stay: Veal Veng

Friday, Veal Veng – O´Soum 70 km: Today we drive directly into the Kardamon mountains. This route is only about 70 km long. The nature is so breathtaking that we will probably lose a lot of time for photography and filming. We would also like to give the participants the option to have the afternoon at their disposal. The surroundings of O´Soum are very beautiful and you can clearly see how far away we are from everything that normally surrounds us – an interesting and very intense experience. WiFi is very limited for today and tomorrow. If it is important for you, a sim card can help, but more about that later. Maybe you’ll try it without … .

This stage will no longer exist in the future 2019 the construction of a road will begin, the rainforest is already gone for the most part, enjoy it, it will never come again.    Today approx. 90 km.

7. Overnight stay: O´Soum

Saturday, O´Soum – Koh Kong City 110 km: We should start early, because this stage is quite exhausting again. It is Nadine’s favourite stage. We can never foresee whether someone will have a breakdown or even a fall and have to plan so that we still have time for eventualities.

The last 20 km are laid out with concrete slabs. When we reach the other side of the mountain and look at the sea … wow, that’s all I can say. An amazing day and an amazing tour, a driving and optical delicacy. In the evening we stop at a hotel in Koh Kong City and will sit safely until late into the night at the pier, have an extended dinner and chill. Here we also have the possibility to drop off our laundry …. this information later. Today we drive about 130 km.

8. Overnight stay: Koh Kong City

Sunday, Koh Kong – Sihanoukville 200 km: Today we continue south to Sihanoukville. We drive 260 km on a well developed coastal road. We have to leave early to get the boat chartered especially for us. Alone the “harbour” where we leave is worth the trip. Finding an island with a beautiful beach is not the problem, but a place with a special flair and the option to rent 14 cabins is already there. Before Sihanoukville there are some islands, but this is an absolute highlight and in this form surely a special experience for all. Absolutely my taste, a place where one can “hang out”. What this means, you will see and surely be enthusiastic. It will surely inspire one or the other. The resort is very natural, back to the basic, you will love it. There are tipi tents (meeeega) and various huts. Information during the tour.

9. Übernachtung: Island

Monday, Island 0 km: Such places hardly exist anymore in the world and they do not remain “secret’ for long nowadays. Therefore, I would like to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this situation for 2 nights. Now the motto is “slow down”, switch off, do nothing, chill.

Read a book, swim, sleep, just be alone with yourself. A whole day in paradisiacal peace and dreamlike atmosphere, clear water and beautiful beach. Electricity only from 18-22 o’clock, the resort offers e.g. rock jumping, I don’t do it

10. Overnight stay: Island

Tuesday, Island  Kep 170 km: We collect beside impressions above all Km money and another day in paradise brings no sponsorship money – unfortunately. After breakfast we leave the island with a specially rented boat. Since today’s leg to Kep is “only” about 160 km, we are not in such a hurry and can still sleep in peace on the island and have breakfast. . Having arrived on the mainland we receive the scooters again and off we go. On the way to Kep another highlight is waiting shortly before Kampot, the Bokor Mountain. 45 min dreamlike curve road high, above late lunch (PickNick) and then the dream road again down. Wow I say only ….  In the afternoon we arrive in Kep, holiday mood, few tourists, beautiful, close to the beach. We reside in a feudal resort whose 15 rooms we have rented exclusively. Pool and a hammer view promised

11. Übernachtung: Kep

Wednesday, Kep 50 km: In the Kampot region we will stay two nights. The hinterland of Kep is the greenest region of Cambodia, its name is Kampot. Here the world-famous and allegedly best pepper of the world, the so-called “Kampot pepper” grows in gigantic plantations. Surely every participant will take a larger supply home with them.

We will spend the whole day in the surrounding area, collecting kms, visiting a waterfall and driving along the beautiful coastal road, which is lined with countless dilapidated villas from the colonial era. Of course, everything voluntary, everyone can also do something by themselves or just lie at the pool. Very individually we drive approx. 70 km.

12. Overnight stay: Kep

Thursday, Kep – Phnom Penh 170 km: This is our last stage with the scooter. As it is, the closer we get to the hustle and bustle of the capital, Phnom Penh, the stronger the traffic. At the end, shortly before the meeting point with the truck driver, we even let the service vehicle go forward and tie a cloth to the rear wiper. We mustn’t get lost 🙂 First, however, the path leads us through a wonderful nature one last time. After about 170 km in the capital traffic madness, we end the scooter tour near the airport. The scooters are loaded onto a truck and brought back north. We change to a couple of tuk-tuks that take us to the hotel. In the evening we should celebrate our farewell, perhaps on the roof terrace with a view of the Mekong, and be happy about the amount raised, with which we will help countless people who cannot afford such a trip. Of course, everyone can make the evening in Phnom Penh as they want.

13. Overnight stay: Phnom Penh

Friday, Phnom Penh: Have a good trip home and be strong in the culture shock of Germany, which you will definitely get at.

Stops of the tour

  • A: Siem Reap
  • B: Battambang
  • C: Pursat
  • D: Veal Veaeng
  • E: Koh Kong
  • F: Sihanoukville
  • G: Koh Rong Sanloem
  • H: Kep
  • I: Phnom Penh

The cost sharing amounts to € 1.990,-

contained therein:

  • Information/advice regarding flight options to the meeting point in Siem Reap/Cambodia
  • Boat from Siem Reap to Battambang / Cambodia (6 hours over the Tonle Sap and Sangker River)
  • A day of direct insight into the work of a development aid organisation, we show you projects and things that the normal tourist can’t see.
  • one day in our tour-project, active cooperation whether physical or mental
  • 13 nights in hotels and guesthouses
  • 12 days use of an “own” as good as new scooter
  • all the fuel
  • during the day water and fruits during the trip
  • Service vehicle for the transport of luggage, etc.
  • Spare scooter in escort vehicle
  • Medical care during the entire tour
  • 2 local tour guides
  • 2 German tour guides
  • Ferries from and to the dream island, boat at the floating villages
  • Return transport of the scooters from Phnom Penh to Battambang in the north
  • In the event of a fall / illness / cancellation of the tour, free return transport to Phnom Penh

not included therein:

  • The flight to/from Bangkok (from approx. € 450,-), Bangkok – Siem Reap (approx. € 50,-), Phnom Penh – BKK (approx. € 50,-)
  • Damage caused by falls
  • Food costs over water, fruits during the tour

Additional options:

Of course anybody can add or store additional vacation time.

Donation goal

In 2019 there will be two fundriding tours again. The first Lao tour in spring and in Nov/Dec our classic – Cambodia. The amount of times we can still offer the original route depends on the rate at which the environmental destruction progresses.

The Autumn Tour 2019 will again serve a very special project purpose. For six years the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. has been helping about 250 poor children in Kandieng/Central Cambodia with the Kandieng Sustainable School (Link) to have access to the urgently needed educational opportunity to escape the vicious circle of educational poverty.

Like every year, we will celebrate a beautiful and emotional school party with the children during the Fundriding-Tour in Nov/Dec 2019. For most students, this is the biggest festival of the whole year.

The support of the students is of course their family. Our students are all part of families of the lowest class, they are usually not able to guarantee the survival of all family members. They mostly live in huts that simply exceed our imagination. They have no running water and only rarely access to electricity. Sometimes they are only tolerated on foreign land and often have no access to the simplest health care.

We want to strengthen the families behind our students. We want to filter out the cases of hardship and provide targeted help. The Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. is very experienced in so-called emergency projects, which certainly stand behind many of the 250 fates. Education must also be able to fall on fertile ground, which we want to take care of with our fundriders.

Furthermore, each Fundrider must bring either a wheelchair as his own medical luggage (free of charge) or two good used laptops for our school. Let’s go …

We are so motivated!!! Join us!

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