Anke Heyer and Andreas Hagen – a couple since 2008, and still in love, also with our bicycles, without which almost nothing (!) works for us. In everyday life our city bikes take us to the supermarket or to appointments, Anke goes to work with them. On vacation we conquer one or the other passage together on muddy paths with our mountain bikes, as touring bikes we also use them for several-day vacations including panniers with family and friends, Anke also takes some time out and cycles the Rhine from the source in Switzerland to the mouth near Rotterdam. We race through our home country together with our friends from the cycling club or even cross the French Alps on holiday when we primarily travel to do sport.

Who counted? Yes, exactly, 6 bicycles in all. Crazy? Yes, a little bit! And using our passion now to help others really is a dream that we would like to realize thanks to the Kleine Hilfsaktion!


Private – Thomas Burfeid