My name is Dr. Arno Brickenkamp, doctor, motorcyclist, philanthropist, father and husband. I met Roland on the motorcycle racetrack in Assen. He quickly excited me for his “Kleine Hilfsaktion”.

The now upcoming Fundriding tour across Cambodia is in many ways an exciting thing for me.

In addition to the personal benefits that we, the participants have, the opportunity to help with the expected sponsorship fees, is very important.

Real projects and people to see and meet differentiates this commitment from a simple donation.

I hope that many friends, acquaintances, committed people and companies can join this idea through sponsorship.


Private – Jan Schmitges

Private – Stephan Wolke

Thomas Kretz – Urologie Heinsberg

Private – Sebastian ten H.

Private – Paul Fuchs-Frohnhofen

Private – Georg Brickenkamp

Private – Ulrich Bäumler

Private – Wolfgang Sohn

Private – Hans Dieter Kauzleben

Private – Gisela Kauzleben

Private – Beate K.

Private – Ben Brickenkamp

Private – Alexander Holubars

Private – Stephan Roth

Private – Hanna Philipp

Private – Andrej Krücken

Private – Claudia & Paul Hammans

Private – Johannes H.

Private – Martin Friedrich

Private – Gerd Beudels

Private – Gabriele Rappen

Private – Susanne t. H.

Private – Martina Welp

Private – Horst Sust

Private – Peter Drozdzynski

klugeconcepts GmbH – Ulrike Kluge

Private – Ludger Alofs

Anästhesie-Gemeinschaftspraxis – Kerstin Will