Dear interested und sponsors, My name is Christian Linne, I am 49 years old and am independent in retail trade. I’ve done a lot in my life and have been supported by many people. I live separately and have two wonderful children. My son Christophe is 19 and will start studying in autumn and my daughter Catherine will be 16 soon and is in 10th grade in high school. For a few years now, I’ve always felt that I wanted to return something. Since then, I have been looking and looking and looking for a suitable project to which I can contribute selflessly, but also invest the necessary self motivation to do something for it as well. After several attempts to participate voluntarily in Germany, I was shut down by German bureaucracy or by a different view of “in need”, as if, for e.g., a simple mother – child meeting, turns into a supervised afternoon teatime, financed by donations. I simply lacked the meaningfulness. Through my son, who has been working as a diving instructor in Thailand for the past nine months, I have gotten a little closer to the southeast-asia region, for the first time in my life. We have crossed Thailand by car and I have seen a lot of poverty. But instead of the people living there sinking in sadness and hopelessness, they laugh, are friendly and attentive and make no unhappy impression. After my return to Germany, I have often been asked: “And, how was it?” I had no suitable answer – my impressions and feelings were too different, as that I could have answered “good, great” or “it was super”. What remained, however, was a deep longing for the feeling of freedom which I had perceived there. When I happened to be a witness to the “Volle Kanne” broadcast on ZDF, when Roland Debschütz was able to explain his project extensively and filled his performance with enthusiasm and life, I immediately listened up. When his travel videos were played on top of that, I really caught fire, also including the aid which this project provides to the poor population, and I googled the name and the project, before the end of the broadcast on my phone and applied spontaneously, but sure. The same evening, my application had been accepted and I had a promise from Roland Debschütz. Fast and uncomplicated, just as I had estimated. I am sure and for this reason I am taking part,  providing every penny of this aid to the purpose of the trip. To do good in Cambodia. I will stand for that !!! Of course, I will pay for the entire trip and the resulting additional costs from my own resources and I GUARANTEE that all donations (via my name) will arrive at the written help purpose of this trip. I am thankful for all support, Christian Linne


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