Hello everybody,

My name is Daniel Barwig, I am 35 years old, and live and work in Bochum. Besides my job as a banker, I have a passion for two-wheel driving.

When I met Roland and Kerstin more or less by chance, a few years ago, I was curious about the work of the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. To pick up some Info on a trade fair just like that, was too little for me. I wanted to learn more about the work of Roland and Kerstin. I was especially interested in: “What do they do different to the big organizations?”

Meanwhile, I am a convinced member, so the arguments seem to have been convincing. ?

Uncomplicated and quick help, as little bureaucracy as necessary, that’s what I picture when I imagine “help”. And that’s what the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. does.

I am looking forward to this trip because I have the opportunity to help right away (transfer of a wheelchair) and get to know the country and its inhabitants.

As I can not take part in the December tour, my participation is now in February 2017. At this point, I would like to ask for your help. The requirement is to acquire Km sponsors with a total value of at least € 1, -. My goal is to beat this sum. I would be delighted to get as many people as possible for the good cause, every cent counts, and a deductible donation receipt is included. I promise that the money will end up 1:1 where it is needed.

I like the idea to give each of the individual sponsors a personal gift from the trip. I will follow the example of my good friend Udo Brausen (participant of the December tour) and bring along a sample of the best pepper (so-called “Kampot pepper”) for each supporter.

In this sense, my motto is “Do not talk, act”

I am pleased about every cent.

Thank you very much,

Daniel Barwig


Private – Sina Lübcke

Private – Julia Barwig

Private – Nicole & Udo Brausen

Private – Katja Settnik

Private – Vanessa Brausen

Private – Firma Haist, Anja Kaufmann

Private – Vanessa Schneider

Private – Sarah Schütte

Private – Christian Schütte

Private – Frank Lingener-Mathei

Private – Stephanie Lingener

Private – Uschi Schäfer

Private – Udo Schäfer

Private – Ursula Settnik

Private – Sascha Schultz

Private – Christin V.