My dear friends with big hearts,

(for those who don’t know me) my name is Kathrin, I am 37 years old (lived 23, felt 14) and I have the honor and the huge pleasure to go on an extraordinary tour this year and to be part of something really important. In November I’m going to Cambodia and there with a country-specific 125cc big wheel scooter from the south (Phnom Penh) to the north (Siem Reap/Ankor Watt).

This fundriding tour of the “Small Relief Action” is about 1300 manifold kilometers long and offers countless impressions of the country, but, what is even more important, also meetings with people who implement the projects of the “Small Relief Action” on the spot and with the people we want to help in their need.

Already a few years ago I had the opportunity to support the “Kleine Hilfsaktion” and a participant of the Fundriding-Tour with my donation. This year I am allowed to take care of the 1300 kilometers myself. You, as my kilometer sponsors, can support us from one cent per kilometer ridden (gladly more) or with a fixed amount. The donated amount goes 100% to the local people who need it most urgently to be able to help them. Of course I pay my own travel expenses.

Because I can be on site and get to know the local conditions, I can show you where your money will actually arrive. I will keep you up to date via WhatsApp and Instagram and thus you will also be part of the tour.

For the donated amount you will receive a deductible donation receipt and can fully deduct the donation from tax.



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