Mr. Bong leads the partnering organization “Bareebo” in Banan in Battambang/Nordkambodscha. Bareebo is the organization that continues the projects and services of the kleinen Hilfsaktion locally. Bong is one of Roland Debschütz’ best friends and one of the most lovable people ever. He was conducted during the time of Khmer Rouge and lead to the killing-fields where he could luckily escape shortly before his execution. His only option was to flee to the jungle and seek refuge. That is where he managed to survive without any aid, until the Civil war had ended. He knows Cambodia and Cambodias nature like no other and will be the guide of the slower group, due to his patience. To be clear: No, you cannot marry him, adopt or clone him. Every single one of the six participants in his group, will love him – that’s for sure.


Guides cannot be sponsored.