Once in a lifetime becomes a project of the heart. That’s exactly what happened when I returned from my first fundriding tour with Kleine Hilfsaktion at the end of last year. It was not my first stay in Cambodia and also not my first assignment for an aid organization.

However, the way in which help is provided on the ground here impressed and convinced me so much that it quickly became clear that I would be there again for the next tour. There is no more direct, faster and less bureaucratic way to help. No matter whether urgently needed food, school materials, medical care including the organization of urgently needed operations, mosquito nets, bicycles, cooking utensils or chickens. The list could go on forever. With the help of the collected donations, everything is organized directly on site, transported and brought to where it is really needed.

All this is only possible if enough donors are found. To all those who so generously supported the whole thing last year, once again a big thank you, combined with the hope that you will be there again this year. For everyone else, every cent counts and there are no amounts “too small”. No matter if you sponsor by kilometer (already from 10,– to 15,– EUR feasible) or with a fixed amount. The more money is collected, the greater the effect on site. This time it goes beside Cambodia with the moped also by Laos and as always there is on request info, impressions and pictures.
Of course, like all the other participants, I will bear the entire cost of the trip myself, so that all donations go directly to the projects.
Already now a thousand thanks for your support!






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