Hello, my name is Michael, I am 52 years old and live in the beautiful Dürwiss between Aachen and Cologne. As a kilometer sponsor of Fundrider Thomas I became aware of the “Kleine Hilfsaktion” and Fundriding.

When I heard about the Fundriding tour through Laos and Cambodia, I was hooked, applied and: I’m coming along! The idea of riding through Southeast Asia on a scooter, collecting donations per kilometer ridden (it will be about 1,400 km) and donating this amount cent by cent to aid projects in Cambodia is just great! I will also have a wheelchair in my luggage, which will give back a piece of mobility and life perspective to a local person.

Of course I will bear all costs for the trip myself!

Now I am looking for you as my km sponsors. Your donation (even the smallest amount is welcome) will arrive directly in Cambodia in the aid projects of the “Kleine Hilfsaktion”. I will be there to see how the donations are used and I will also accompany and implement projects myself.

And of course there will be a blog about this trip, where you can “ride along” and accompany me on this adventure. Honestly: I’m really excited…






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