We, that are Nadine Urbansky and Roland Debschuetz.  We lead the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. with our heart and soul. We love the idea of the Fundridings because we are creating a win-win-win situation through it. Participants experience something completely unusual, something they can’t just book anywhere. You learn about the realities right there, locally and can see for yourself, how we work. The Km-sponsors ensure that every Km pays off and that at the end, the total, hopefully huge sum remains for the poorest of the poor. Of course, I want to do my part and am happy for every penny you donate for my kilometers (max. 1.300) that are then provided for a good cause! New: A fixed amount donation is also possible. Remember it! You can fully deduct the donation from tax!


So far, no sponsors have applied.

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