Hello dear friends,

I am Peter Kießler, 58 years old and earn my money as a freelance master craftsman. Besides that, I go sailing, mountain biking, sailing and motorbike is also important.

The flyer with the Fundridng-tour is lying on my table and it takes no more than 20 seconds,for it to be clear to me: I will join in on the trip to Cambodia. And the most beautiful, the best social of all, wants to come along as well.

I met Roland and his Kleine Hilfsaktion in 2012 at the Bethlehemstift in Hohenstein Ernstthal (Saxonyring). Since then, we have met again and again in various situations and each time his stories and experiences from Cambodia were extremely interesting.

3 years ago I met Michael Jäger on a very different occasion and it was like a flash to know someone who works on this thing with the same intensity.

As an old motorcycle hiker, I am very happy to get to know this country and people and to see the projects. It is also a pleasure for me to raise donations for every kilometer (1,000 – 1,200). The money is used 1: 1 on the spot for clean water, eye surgery and searching for landmines and are surely well laid out.


Please press the button, fill out and send. Every cent counts and relieves the worries of ordinary people on the other continent.

I would already like to thank you, your Peter


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