Dear Sponsors, Supporters, Interested and Friends of the Fundriding Action 2017 in Cambodia,

welcome to my support page.

My name is Peter Schmitt, I live in Düsseldorf and am the father of two healthy children

who were lucky to grow up without a wheelchair, with drinking water and parents that are not blind.

Landmines, famine and a life without school and good nutrition are foreign to them.

A few weeks ago, I learned about the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. from my former racing driver

and Asia specialist, the was initiated by Roland, there was no doubt to get involved in Cambodia immediately.

The idea of traveling miles with small motorized rollers and to collect money to give direct

on-site emergency assistance with it, was simply fascinating.

Everyone can be a part by donating at least one cent per kilometer driven. The distance is about 1000 km.

The focus will be on:

1. The financing and implementation of eye surgery (cataract) for approx. 60 euros per blinded person

2. Filters and bio-sterilization plants for potable water in the most remote villages. 6000 Euro per plant (WASH project)

3. Drone technology to locate the still countless landmines that regularly explode there.
I am sure that together we will drive together significantly more than 1,000 euros

and am personally glad about every little contribution very much.
Im Anhang/ Link hat jeder die Möglichkeit sich öffentlich oder anonym als Unterstützer zu listen

Für die unmittelbare Verwendung der Spenden vor Ort verbürge ich mich persönlich.

In the appendix / link everyone has the possibility to list themselves publicly or anonymously as a supporter for which I pledge personally the use of donations direct on site.


Danke, Merci, Gracias, Thanks for your trust in advance

Peter Schmitt

All the costs caused by me and my journey are 100% payed of my own resources.


All supporters / sponsors receive a donation receipt to claim their expenses for tax purposes

at the end of the action.


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