Hi! I am Phoebe Grapentin, 29 years young and I lead a pharmacy in a pretty village named Bad Bentheim.

When I stumbled over the small display of the Asia-trip in a motorcycle magazine, I was instantly blown away. Ok, almost blown away: through Asia with a scooter? Not on my beloved motorcycle? But what the hell, it sounds fantastic! So don’t hesitate, just spontaneously apply, wait and see what happens. No more than two days later I received a call from Roland: super sympathetic, uncomplicated, easy. I’ll be there! Wicked!

I’m looking forward to the aching butt already … ?

No, seriously, it promises to be an absolute ingenious tour, that is for a good cause at the same time. Could it be any better?

And you can become part of it! Donate for every driven kilometer (about 1100km) an arbitrarily sum of money – what your wallet is willing to offer. The profit is used one-by-one for eye surgery in Cambodia, because the participants pay the cost of the tour by themselves. As much as 60 € is already enough for a person to regain their eyesight. It’s definitely worth it!

In the following Link you will find a few more sentences about this Donation project.

Thank you very much!!!


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