Hi there, my name is Thomas Kretz, I am 51 years old, Heinsberg resident and the local urologist. For sure, I have already made donations in favor of different organisations. But when my colleague Arno contacted me about two years ago and asked me to sponsor his fundriding, I was very enthusiastic. The more I made myself acquainted with Kleine Hilfsaktion, the more I enjoyed the project. Thus, it was nothing but a small step from being a sponsor to becoming a rider. And I was highly excited when Roland invited me to join as rider. So now it’s my turn, and I hope to acquire lots of sponsors who support this marvelous idea. The amazing is that each single cent for each single kilometer I will have made on my bike will be spent in full exactly where needed.


Become a Km-Sponsor

Private - Sonja Groht
Private – Arno Brickenkamp
Private – Karin Kaufmann
Company - Urologie-Heinsberg – Thomas Kretz
Private – Marianne Stüttgens
Private – Elke Piwowarsky
Private – Sabine August
Private – Andreas Schneider
Private - Anonymous donor
Company – Tischlerei Sievering (Dirk Sievering)
Company – Sozietät Emmrich (Christoph Emmrich)
Private – Rüdiger von Eichel
Private - Anonymous donor
Private – Hannelore Schwade
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Anonymous donor
Private -  Ursula Kretz
Private - Guido Jacobs
Company – HSE (Dietmar Scherer)
Company – Bodystreet Erkelenz (Daniel Böse)
Private - Helmut Breuer
Private - Markus Niedrist
Company - Anonymous donor
Company - Physiohof Landmesser (Astrid Landmesser)
Company – Gemeinschaftspraxis Berse & Schippel (Michael Berse)
Private - Gerd Wassenberg
Company – tax consultant (Karl-Josef Tellers)
Private - Natalie Schneck
Private - Kathrin Krabbe
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Volker Perst
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Jens Wegner
Private - Kremers Martin
Private - Anonymous donor
CompanyApotheke am Medizinzentrum (Klaus-J. Froitzheim)
Private - Philipp Spiegelhalder
Private - Sandra und Achim Sintke Licht
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Rainer Florack
CompanyPraxis Dr. Wanke (Julia Wanke)
Private - Andreas Hagen
Private - Michael Kreisler
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Anonymous donor
CompanyEifel-Apotheke (Martina Beeker)
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Hans-Peter Busch
Private - Elke Dickler
Private - Lars Klein
Private - Friederike Arta
Private - Gero Roessink
Private - Stefan Osing
Private - Hermann Ochaba
Private - Dirk Breker
Private - Thorsten Römer
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Aloys Lappenküper
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Stephan Freund
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Private - Dr. Sanja Back
Private - Robin Groht
Private - Anonymous donor
Private - Andreas Segschneider
Private – Helmut Kretz
Private – Markus Kretz
Private – Bert Houben
Private – Dorit Cammann
Private – Tanja Zepp
Private - Werner Schindler
Private - Jan Marin
Company - embemed Bleckmann Medicalprodukte GmbH
Private - Anonymous donor