Servus together,

my name is Thomas Röhling, I am 27 years young and a native of Munich-Kindl. For 8 years I have been a regular soldier. For three years managing director of a GmbH and honorary as a parish council chairman in my parish active. I am a little adventurer and I love to travel the world to get to know culture and nature. I like to do that from “top to bottom”, be it by parachute of 4.000 meters or by diving up to 30 meters under water or even across the country by motorbike or as usual in Asia by scooter.

I have already visited some countries of this beautiful world on the way, also Asia for a couple of weeks two years ago. Now I have been made aware of the action of the “Kleinen Hilfsaktion e.V.” by a friend, namely Fundriding, I was immediately inspired!

I’ve been a passionate motorbike rider for a few years now, and now I’m lucky to be part of this great action of riding a moped through Cambodia! The cool thing is to do something good, only together with you of course! That’s why I ask you to support me and the people, with a donation or preferably as a Km sponsor.

You won’t believe with how little money you can help people in Cambodia or save a life. We drive a maximum of 1,350 km. That means, if you become a sponsor with 10 Cent Km that is 135,- Euro. Or even only with 1 cent, then it is 13,50 Euro, or just something in between! You will be billed after the “Fundriding”. You will receive a correct invoice and can then transfer the donation amount. Of course this donation is fully tax deductible!

What I want to point out to you here: I will bear the entire cost of the trip myself, so every single cent of your donation goes directly to work for the needy people in Cambodia. You can follow the tour live, see the pictures, and see how happy we are together with your donation to make children and families in a third world country. For all of you who already know me, I don’t want presents or anything like that for Christmas, but wish that you become my Km-Sponsor. So that we can help the people who really need it together. And those who don’t know me yet: You are not only giving me a present, but also the needy people and families in Cambodia.

So do something good and become a sponsor!

Thank you so much to everyone, you are important; without you it’s not possible. So become a part of something big, even if the success with our prosperity unfortunately often goes down. Together we know what we are doing! 😉

Best regards,
Your Thomas


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