Dear Supporter, you are right here! Certainly you have already dealt extensively with the project and know what we (also with your help) can achieve together. That is why I am really glad that you are now interested in me and my person. I am Tim, 22 years old, come from Berlin and the little lady on my arm is not my daughter … No … This is my little cousin Ronja. I was born and grew up in Berlin and those who know me know how difficult it is just not to let my Berlin dialect completely take over right now. My complete childhood and youth were shaped and determined by sport. That is where the values that make up me and inspire me were taught to me by coaches, family, colleagues and friends. Currently I am studying at the HTW Berlin and to date I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to travel to a region as interesting for me as South-East Asia. My older brother is more of a traveler than me, through which I often noticed how valuable and enriching a trip like that can be. For me personally the concept of this project is simply optimal. It combines a lot of my interests and passions (motorbiking, travel & social commitment) and so I do fundriding since my first contact with it through  the YouTube Channel by Jens Kuck called “Feuer und Flamme”. I see this project not only as a pure aid project for the people who need help there, but also as an opportunity for oneself. An opportunity to internalize how much opportunities and chances we have in our lives and how happy we can be waking up protected and healthy day by day. No matter how often you look at these facts in your daily life, I am convinced that such an experience is a much more distinctive. In addition to all these aspects, it is also the adventures that drive me. New regions, cultures and ways of life. Away from package holidays and close to life & adventure. Not at least because of the mobile undercarriage, which lets you feel all impressions & influences unfiltered. In summary, it is the “unknown new” and the certainty to help fellow human beings that make me start this trip. Discover unknown lands and cultures, experience adventure on and with the motorbike and experience where our help reaches and what it changes right away. In conclusion, it is important to me to mention the following: You do not finance my travel or that of another participant with your donations. This part is for us alone, everything you are willing to give arrives where it should be. The amount of the sum is not connected with the ideal value of your support and so I am glad for every single cent you put up and make every kilometer even more magnificent! You’ve made it, breathe and let it have an effect on you. In the hope that you are at least as enthusiastic as I am for this project, you will find my personal sponsor link at the top of the page. It leads to the final and probably the most important step of this project… your help! Best regards Tim


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Baufinanz-Team Berlin – Michael Klinge
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