We are Sovan and Torsten. We live in Hamburg and in winter we are drawn to Cambodia, Sovan’s country of birth. Therefore we know the problems in Cambodia. After decades of war, the poverty is great, the hygienic conditions in the provinces appalling, medical help for many people simply unattainable. In order to help the people, I joined the Little Relief Action’s scooter tour through Cambodia 5 years ago. It became an unforgettable experience. We saw the aid projects of the Small Relief Action on site, rode many donation kilometers through Cambodia and had a lot of fun together. Since then we support the small relief action regularly and want to drive in November 23 the new combination tour Laos / Cambodia. We hope to have again such helpful and generous sponsors as on the last tour.
Remember: Christmas is just around the corner and with every Euro you donate, you not only give help, but also a lot of hope to the poor people in Cambodia.
Of course there will be a donation receipt for the tax office.

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