My name is Torsten Raatz, I live in Hamburg and have been travelling to Southeast Asia for many years. Fantastic landscapes, good food, warm weather and great people attract me there again and again.  Unfortunately there are also problems in paradise and especially in Cambodia they are huge. After decades of war, poverty is great, the hygienic conditions in the provinces frightening, medical aid simply unattainable for many people. This is where the kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. comes in. Supporting local projects, passing on donations in full and sometimes spontaneously helping people. Understandably, a development aid organisation also needs financial means and the fundraising tours are an ideal fundraising instrument. Traveling and helping is a good idea and that's why I'll be there in December 2018. In order for the people in Cambodia to get around, you should not only open your heart, but also your wallet for a deal. The deal is: I drive about 1.200 km through Cambodia and you donate several cents per driven kilometer. I pay for my travel expenses myself and you will receive a fine donation receipt for the tax office for the donated amount. You can follow the tour in December, watch the pictures and see how your efforts conjure a smile on people's faces in the 3rd world. At Christmas you sit back and say: "The best gift I received this year was the bright eyes of the children. So get to the donation button on the top right! …


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