Through Cambodia on the Big-City-Scooter

Although we would certainly like to cross the country with larger motorcycles, we will do this tour on customary local 125ccm big-city-scooters. The reasons are various. So the big-city-scooter á la Honda Dream or Suzuki Wave is clearly fast enough. It drives 110 km/h, making it much faster than you can actually drive. Everything above 70 km/h is VERY fast for Cambodian relations. We will travel at a speed between 20-40 km/h on the gravel roads.

With its optional full- or semi-automatics, it can take the skill of the participants into consideration. The more experienced will probably be best off if taking a vehicle with semi-automatics. It has big wheels and is relatively easy to handle even on uneven ground.

It is important that it is almost used everywhere and therefore can be repaired even in the remotest places. A fall or broken tire just can’t be excluded. The rental price for an old, larger maschine is the same price, for which you could purchase a new scooter. So at least for the first trip in 2016, every participant will be able to travel with a completely new vehicle.