Donation target of the Tour

Each Fundriding tour has a different donation goal. The tour in December 2018 is dedicated to our oldest project:
Emergency-Projects (Emergency Aid)

That’s how we started 10 years ago. We have helped people who found themselves in a life-threatening situation – unbureaucratically, quickly and effectively. Rural areas in particular lack clean water, food, medical care and jobs. Nobody here can even think of financial reserves. If an emergency occurs, such as an accident, illness or loss of hut due to storms, the people in Cambodia are left to their own devices. The victims are often the children, the weak and the sick. They are completely helpless, overwhelmed and at the mercy of the situation.

This is where we start! We help with what is needed most, without long meetings, without detours.

Unfortunately, climate change is particularly affecting developing countries, and here again the poorest of the poor, children, the weak, the elderly and the sick. Two years ago for the first time, there were two instead of one flooding in the time span of one year. People are not prepared for this, for it was different for hundreds of years. The storms and the dry seasons have also changed dramatically.

In order to be able to react immediately and effectively to possible natural disasters and epidemics, we are setting up an emergency aid fund for the future with this tour.

We are very happy that the fundrider and the kilometer sponsors belonging to help us!

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