Fundriding – Special – in Laos

15 hand-picked places go to 15 experienced fundriders! Another trip you can’t book, nowhere and at no price.

In the dry season at the beginning of 2019 we will start with a novelty, a very special project. We want to explore a country that Roland Debschütz himself has never experienced on any of his over 50 trips to South-East Asia: Laos. The intention of this trip is identical to the original Cambodia Fundriding Tour. We want to collect donations, experience something and help as many people as possible. Only fundriders who have already completed the Cambodia tour can participate. Since a high degree of social commitment and interest in the work of our development aid organization should be a prerequisite for every Fundrider, only people can participate, who already accompanied me on the Cambodia route. Only these founders were able to personally convince themselves of our work by visiting our projects in Northern and Central Cambodia. I also think membership is essential, because every member strengthens our work and that should be in the interest of every fundrider.

The Laos tour is also not a travel event in the conventional sense. Also with this tour the organizer is neither the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V., nor I (Roland Debschütz) personally. This tour is also organized by the two local Bareebo and BBC. I will drive this tour together with Nadine Urbansky with the intention to find as many Km-Sponsors as possible and thereby to provide for donation funds. In order to maximize the result and certainly also the driving fun, I give 15 fundriders the opportunity to accompany us.

What exactly we will start for on the Laos tour, i.e. what exactly our project purpose is, will be determined by us later, together with the fundriders. What is certain is that this tour will also help countless people, even outside Cambodia. Fortunately, we fundriders do not need such help. The higher my respect for each of the participants who are not only committed to their own well-being.

Since the participants of the Laos tour are all people that Roland already knows and can predict well, we will take a different approach to the basic tour in Cambodia. The interest within the Fundriders is very large and within 24 hours 15 Fundriders expressed their strong interest. Therefore I decided to take at least 12 and max. 16 participants with me. Due to the already existing South-East Asia experience, we will no longer lead a 12-man group with 4 guides, but three or four groups with 4 drivers each will be led by a guide. The group composition is not set in stone, but is determined flexibly and according to the wishes of the participants the evening before.

To be able to explore accommodation and route options, it is essential to take a test tour. Therefore Nadine and I, together with Phalla (BBC) and a Lao guide, will travel to Laos in 2018. However, there are already some things that we already want to publish here:

  • The most beautiful side of Laos is the north.
  • We will start in the capital Vientiane and will finish there again.
  • As with the Cambodia tour, the total distance will be approx. 1,300 km.
  • The total duration of the tour is also identical to the Cambodia tour, 2 weeks.

Of course, this special tour is also subject to the special features of the Fundriding tour and each participant must also here name a wheelchair his own medical luggage and acquire km sponsors of at least 100 cents/km. If he fails to do so, he must, of course, personally make up for the difference. This case has existed for the time being, so we prefer to say it in advance.

I have decided to use the 125cc scooter again. A soft-flushed enduro tour is too undemanding for me. In addition, the daily stages would be too big and the landscapes and people would fly past everyone even faster. I need the challenge to master this tour with simple material. I want us to experience the tour and get the maximum amount of external impressions. Experience has shown that the 125 scooter is ideal for this.

A service vehicle will also accompany us on the Laos tour to transport excess baggage, a replacement vehicle, drinks and any lost fundriders. Very important! Due to the absolutely convincing work of the Cambodian doctor we will invite him to Laos, so that we can work and drive with maximum medical care for the good cause again.

Guides/Supervision: Besides me (Roland) and Nadine, there will be another German speaking guide. This could be Rolf, Michael or some other person I will decide on. In addition, Phalla (BBC) will accompany us together with Sina. Sina is from Pursat. She is a great driver, experienced tour guide and has already been on a four-week tour in Laos. Of course, we also need native speakers. Therefore, we will hire a Lao guide and the service vehicle will also be from Laos and will of course be driven by a Laotian.

Procedure: I reserve the right to choose the participants personally. Even though I have already promised 15 people, and of course everyone can only make a final decision on a specific date, the transfer of the first half of the participant costs is the real and realistic promise. This will be sent directly to Cambodia by foreign bank transfer. I will proceed strictly on receipt of the first confirmation and send the documents to the relevant people this week. Please send me a copy of the transfer immediately. In addition, I ask the fundriders to return the participant agreement at very short notice and to send me a picture and a personal profile.

The sooner we have published your personal page, the sooner everyone can start fundraising. This will certainly be a huge success and I am looking forward to you, the wacky special tour and what we can change with the donations. Every human life we can save or improve is worth fighting for! Thank you for your commitment and thank you for your trust!