Be environmentally aware

The Fundriding tours, no matter whether with the scooter, the enduro or also emission-free with the bike, also cause at least greenhouse gases, above all of course, because we arrive with the airplane.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this, our commitment helps countless people who are doubly punished, not least because of climate change. But what we can we prevent are plastic bottles, transport containers made of polystyrene, “straws” and plastic bags, just to name a few. That’s why we set up the fundriding tours with the help of the Australian initiative Plastic Free Cambodia as plastic-free as possible some time ago.


Especially in South East Asia, everything and everyone is transported, packed and/or carried in a plastic bag. To avoid the ubiquitous plastic bag, you store get everything in a jute bag.


“Drinking a lot of water” is of course especially important during the fundriding tour. So that we don’t produce a huge pile of plastic bottles, every fundrider gets their own aluminium bottle to fill up in the service van.


Since the “straw” stalk in South-East Asia is unfortunately not made of straw, every find rider gets a bamboo stalk for reuse.


It doesn’t always have to be a banana leaf, but styrofoam containers with plastic forks & Co don’t have to be either. So we decided to use reusable dishes in addition to the banana plate. After the picnic during the tour we simply take the things with us again in the service van.


If you also want to do something about carbon dioxide, you can donate something on Atmosfair for planting a tree, or even better, you can do it personally, in front of the hut of a needy family or wherever.

Take the shortest way and do it yourself – on the Fundriding tour.