Bicycle Tour
– Laos –

With the bike for a good cause through paradise. Without pressure and competitive thoughts. Suitable for all those who would like to combine sporting activity, adventure and social commitment. With support vehicle and medical assistance.

Scooter Tour
– Laos / Cambodia –

By 125 big wheel scooter from Phnom Phen to Siam Reap (Ankor Watt) in Cambodia. Or through the beautiful mountains of Laos. Extraordinary tours that help countless people. Even without a motorcycle license. With escort vehicle and medical care.

Enduro Tour
– Laos –

The dream of every off-road fan. The mountains in the north of Laos. Off any tourist trail, away from the tarred world. This is a unique adventure and at the same time social commitment for a good cause – madness. With support vehicle and medical care.


The tour of your life

Fundriding – works like a “sponsored walk” in school days, only on two wheels instead of on foot.

In preparation for this trip, you need to acquire your own Km sponsors totaling 100 cents per kilometer ridden – your first step as a development worker.

Fundriding – that means: on two wheels across a fascinating country with breathtaking landscapes. Together with the fundriders, we decide on a social tour project in advance of the trip. This could be orphans in Ukraine, or an aid project in Tanzania, Cambodia or Laos.

       On Fundriding tours, every kilometer ridden makes a small but lasting contribution to helping the many people suffering from war, the consequences of climate change or hopeless poverty.

If you are completely unfamiliar with the principle of Sponsored Walks or if you have any questions about Fundriding or how to acquire Km sponsors, please ask, we will be happy to help. In addition, we help every fundrider with their own rider and donation page, their own V-card, flyers and stickers.

The team

David Emery and Kov Bong (Bareebo)

They have been organizing these charity tours for many years. They keep the costs for the participants as low as possible. They had the idea and, together with the fundriding community, have been able to save hundreds of lives in recent years.

– Scooter –
Sophalla Orn (Phalla)

Phalla is an active guide on the tours in Cambodia. He organizes everything, from the bike to the guesthouse to the service vehicle. In real life, he is a Deputy District Governor in Central Cambodia, someone who knows everyone and everything.

– Scooter / Enduro / Motorcycle –
Roland Debschütz

Roland is the head of the guides and the German head of fundraising. As he is the managing director of Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V., through which all donations are accounted for, he is also responsible for the charitable use of the donations.

Nadine Urbansky

Nadine is the contact person for sponsors and fundriders before the tour. During the tours she is the link to home. She knows everything your boss Roland should know 🙂 and rides as often as her little family allows.

– Bicycle –
Ron Martens

The sporty 63 year old Ron is of course from the Netherlands. He leads the bicycle fundriding tour in Laos. As a Dutchman, charm, calm, fitness and was put in his cradle, and he loves Laos and cycling above all.

– Scooter –
Rolf Externbrink

Rolf is a fixture on the scooter tours in Cambodia. The smart and eloquent mediator and media specialist from Cologne loves to guide for the good cause in Cambodia. If necessary, he also stands in for Roland.

– Scooter –
Sin Kouk (David)

David, whose real name is Sin Kouk, was born in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1981. He is a TukTuk driver in Battambang and a great guide.  All the participants love him. He speaks English and is always there for everyone.

– Enduro / Scooter –

Thongkhoon works as a two-wheeler specialist for an adventure tour operator in Laos. His passion is enduro riding. His riding skill and his infinite local knowledge even off any road, make him the ideal guide in Laos.

– Bicycle –

Jimmy is our Laotian guide on the Fundriding tours. Even though he is really fit, he lovingly and gladly takes care of the somewhat weaker participants. His local knowledge and his information about the region are indispensable.


Fundriding is adventure, two-wheeling and social commitment all in one. In order to make this public and to get heard in the two-wheeler scene, it needs partners for whom social commitment and high quality are just as important. Even when Roland was still driving the charity race cab, these three companies were among the most loyal and best sponsors. Fortunately, we can no longer count how many lives we were able to save together or how many people we were able to spare or at least alleviate the often difficult fate. What is certain, however, is that all our thanks go to their support of the good cause.

Environmental awareness

The Fundriding tours, whether by scooter, motorcycle, enduro or even emission-free by bike, also cause at least greenhouse gases, especially of course because we travel by plane.

Unfortunately, we can not prevent this, our commitment helps countless people who are doubly punished, not least because of climate change. But what we can prevent are plastic bottles, transport containers made of styrofoam, “straw” straws and plastic bags, just to name a few. Therefore, we have set up the Fundriding tours as plastic-free as possible. In addition, from now on we will plant an additional tree for each individual Emergency Project of the participants.