The scooter tour – our classic!

Because it is a great privilege that we can even think about such a tour. But we don’t want to do this in ignorance of the unfortunately countless people in the world who urgently need help. Therefore, we take an example from the sponsored walk, which I’m sure many still know from school.

The actor recruits sponsors for his kilometers for a good cause. From two cents from Auntie Käte to bids from employers, colleagues, friends. It can be clearly Km-related bids or fixed amount donations, we then convert that. The minimum that the fundraiser should earn is 100 cents per kilometer he/she rides. To support the fundriders in their efforts, we provide flyers, our own business cards, our own rider page and even our own digital donation form, in German and in English.

Each fundrider will work on his/her own three emergency projects during the tour. Don’t worry, we’ll do it together 🙂 He/she is therefore not only a fundraiser, but also a project manager. A tour that helps other people at the same time – an unforgettable and invaluable experience.


Laos-Cambodia Tour: 18.11. – 02.12.2023

Cambodia Tour: 02.12. – 16.12.2023

But now we get to the biggest problem:

Cambodia, Laos or Combi-tour – The agony of choice