The scooter tour – our classic!

After eight breathtaking fundriding scooter tours in Cambodia we would like to extend our radius of action through Laos. The “kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.” is involved in countless projects in both countries, so that the fundriders personally participate in the project one day before and one day after the actual tour, for which we start and collect mileage allowances.

Each day’s stage is filled with impressions and natural spectacles that the normal tourist does not get to see in this intensity.

We will be driving on typical 125ccm large wheel scooters. There are many reasons for this. For example, the Honda Dream and Suzuki Wave scooter are definitely fast enough. They travel at 110 km/h and are therefore much faster than you are able to drive in most areas. Everything over 70 km/h is very fast by local standards. On the gravel roads we move mostly between 20-40 km/h. Due to the optional fully or semi-automatic system, the skills of the participants can be taken into consideration, even if the participant is not an experienced motorcyclist. It has large wheels and is easy to handle even on uneven paths. As it is used almost everywhere in South-East Asia, it can be repaired even in the most remote places.

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But now we get to the biggest problem: Cambodia or Laos – The agony of choice