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Experience developing countries in real life, let them show you things, places and nature from a side that only few people know. Have real contact with the local population, far away from the tourist mainstream. Become a development aid worker by driving your own kilometers! Help through your participation, so that people in the third world don’t have to go blind, school children don’t have to do their emergency work behind the school anymore, or simply have clean drinking water.

The money collected by each kilometre goes into local projects. Each fundriding tour supports a tour project that is determined by the participants themselves. In this project the fundriders work actively one day before and one day after the actual tour. Climate change particularly affects the developing countries and here again the poorest of the poor, the children, the weak, the old and the sick.

Help and take the journey of a lifetime! Roland Debschütz has been leading the Kleinen Hilfsaktion e.V. for years. He and his colleague Nadine Urbansky will show you on the tours how a development aid organisation really works. The tours are additionally accompanied by experienced local tour guides, a doctor and a service vehicle. You are not alone and still make an individual trip.

A trip you can’t book, nowhere and at no price.