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Experience the third world, allowing yourself to be shown things, places and nature from a perspective that only few people have experienced. Become a development helper by your own driven kilometres! You can help over 500 people in the third world, not to go blind, through your participation. Usually, the blindness of a mother or a father leads to the death of at least one of the children. Help and take the journey of your life! The money collected by every kilometre on the Dec 2016 tour will be used for eye surgery . The two tours 2017 will take part for our new WASH project, which will ensure that more than 1,000 children have a toilet, a hand-held washing station and clean drinking water. Information here: WASHA trip that you cannot book, nowhere and at no price.

Roland Debschuetz has been managing a development aid organization (Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.) in Cambodia for many years. It shows you how a development aid organization truly works. Cross Cambodia with him on a 125 scooter, about 1,300 km from the north to the south. Cross the Cardamom Mountains, visit a dream island, travel to where pepper grows together with Roland and have a look at the mighty temples of Angkor Wat. And all for a good cause!

Procedure: Apply for the tour without obligation. Should you end up being one of the chosen ones, you are bound to look for sponsors totaling € 1 per kilometer (approx. 1.300 km) – your first step as a development aid helper. You can also refer to our website and / or the Facebook page. The whole thing works like a “Sponsored Walk” during the school days, but not just on foot, but on a 125 great-wheel scooter. Everyone must declare a wheelchair as his own medical baggage, so that the airline takes the wheelchair free of charge. You must! Through this, you create your own project, because you will bring the wheelchair into a remote village, far from civilization. It is your project. You will commit to it until it is personally handed over to the handicapped, who would have no chance to participate in the “normal” life without your commitment. Help them!



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Bist du sozial interessiert und gerne engagiert?

Hast du Interesse an Süd-Ost-Asien, der Kultur und vor allem den Menschen?

Warst Du schon mal in Süd-Ost-Asien? (keine Voraussetzung)

Hast du einen Motorradführerschein?

Hast du Zweiraderfahrung und traust dir zu, einen Großradroller, 125 ccm, Halbautomatik sicher zu bewegen?

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Bist du ein Teamplayer und kannst deine eigenen Bedürfnisse dem Wohl und der guten Stimmung der Gruppe unterordnen?

Wirst du Sponsoren im Gesamtwert von mind. € 1,- / Km. akquirieren?

Akzeptierst du die Unterkunft, die euch zur Verfügung steht. Das kann ein 4-Sterne Hotel sein oder aber ein Zelt mitten im Gebirge?