-breathtaking- – touching- -unforgettable-

Simon Planz

Who has taken part in the tour, sees the world in a different light.

Thomas Finis

Not only a journey into another world – also a journey into one’s own soul, into one’s own heart. What we humans are capable of, what we can all – with, for us, small means – accomplish, to be allowed to experience that, was deeply moving. My thanks go to Nadine, Roland, to the whole group and to every single encounter on this tour.

Doerte Storf

Experiences and adventures for a lifetime!

Peter Schmitt

There is no other way to experience a country like Cambodia more authentically than with the Fundriding Tour. Ingenious and unique.

Ingo Riedeberger

The bitter poverty of the people, paired with their unbelievable friendliness and at the same time to feel the insane beauty of the untouched nature, goes mysteriously and intensely under the skin. An absolutely overwhelming feeling, which is hard to put into words. In short: Experience it yourself! A journey that is simply worth experiencing and will certainly change your own life! Dirty, sweaty, dishevelled – we love it! (((: Cambodia, we’ll meet again!!!!!

Irene & Schoko

The journey of my life? It was a border experience – in the widest sense: physical and mental. It was a great extension of my horizon – especially mentally. It is the most lasting journey that has turned my personal Status upside down and still occupies my mind, making me grateful and humble to the Cambodian people. Only recommendable!!

Angela Richter

Fundriding was a great tour, experience and event for me, compromized of amazing people and mesmerizing landscapes!

Arno Brickenkamp

During the fundriding tour we had a lot of fun, and I was able to collect so many great new impressions of a completely different world that I will always remember!

Fabian Trapp

I still have to think about our tour every day – unforgettable! That’s why I have to rejoin in December!

Manfred Neumann

This was definitely one of the best trips of my life so far! Cambodia – we will meet again!

Sebastian Bolligs

To be a part of the Fundriding Tour was a dream come true. It was an unforgettable experience 🙂

Udo Brausen

True to the motto: dirty but happy! It remains a mystery to me how the locals could keep themselves so clean while we arrived dusty from top to bottom… It was an indescribable time with indescribable people – both within our troops and the Khmer people I was allowed to meet. The fun-factor is huge and at the same time, you get to see a beautiful country, not only the tourist strongholds, if there is any talk of them in Cambodia, but also the small villages, which only consist of a street with a few houses. It is impossible for me to sum up my impressions of the journey in only five lines. They are too diverse and special…

Phöbe Grapentin