Apply now for the next Fundriding-Tour through Laos!

12 hand-picked places go to 12 interested applicants!

Experience the Third World in real life, let us show you things, places and nature from a side that only a few people know. Become a development worker by driving your own kilometers! Help by your participation, so that people in the third world don’t have to go blind, school children don’t have to do their emergency work behind the school anymore, or simply have clean drinking water.

The money, which is collected by each kilometer, for example, on the Feb 2020 tour, flows among other things into a tour project, which we determine together with the participating Fundridern/inside. Help us and make the journey of a lifetime!

A trip you can’t book, nowhere and at no price.

Roland Debschütz has been leading a development aid organisation (Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.) in Cambodia for years. On the tour, he will show you how a development aid organisation really works. Cross Laos with him on a 125cc scooter, approx. 1,500 km. We start in the capital Vientiane, drive up into the northernmost mountains, cross it at about 1,600 meters and drive in the east back into the lowlands. We cross rivers, cross caves by boat, explore waterfalls and see things, places and people to which the tourist mainstream has no access. And all this for a good cause!


Apply for the tour. Fill out the application form below, attach a nice picture and go. If you are one of the chosen ones, you will have two tasks:

  • Fundriding functions like a “sponsored walk” in school time, only not on foot, but on a 125cc large wheel scooter á la Honda Wave 125 or Honda Dream 125. You have to look for your own Km sponsors at a total of 100 cents per kilometre driven (approx. 1,500 km) – your first step as a development aid.
  • Everyone must either get a used wheelchair or a used laptop and take it with them to Laos. In the case of the wheelchair, you declare it as your own medical baggage during the flight and it will be transported free of charge. It is your personal project. You will also do it yourself, until you hand it over to the disabled person, who would have no chance to lead a self-determined life without your commitment. Help him!

Prerequisites for participation are: fit and healthy, vaccinated, team player, socially oriented, nice, adventurous, a foreign health insurance and a travel insurance (e.g. ADAC-Plus).

The cost sharing amounts to € 1.990,-

contained therein:

  • Assistance with fundraising for KM sponsors
  • Own fundraising page (German, English)
  • Own donation form
  • Promotional material: flyer, own business card, T-shirts
  • Handling of donations
  • Advice/information regarding all questions, e.g. flight, vaccinations, luggage, etc.
  • 14 overnight stays in hotels, guest houses or special locations
  • 12 days use of a 125 cc scooter, fuel included
  • mechanic and e-parts for the scooters in case of defect
  • two days in our tour project, active participation whether physically or mentally
  • water and fruit during the ride
  • service vehicle for transporting the luggage, etc.
  • mechanic for repairs on the way
  • Medical care during the whole tour
  • 1 local tour guide
  • 1 German tour guide
  • Entrance fees, ferry ticket
  • Cleaning of the vehicles after the tour
  • Local taxes and permits with costs
  • In case of fall/illness/abortion of the tour free return transport to the starting point Vientiane.

not included therein:

  • Flight
  • Single room supplement € 250
  • Damage due to falls
  • Food and drinks

Additional options:

Of course anybody can add or store additional vacation time.


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    Are you socially interested and committed?

    Are you interested in South East Asia, its culture and especially its people?

    Have you ever been to South East Asia? (no prerequisite)

    Do you have a motorcycle license?

    Do you have two-wheel experience and dare to safely move a 125cc semi-automatic scooter

    My two-wheel experience is limited to:

    Are you a team player and can subordinate your own needs to the well-being and good mood of the group?

    Will you acquire sponsors with a total value of at least € 1,- / km?

    Do you accept the accommodation available to you? This can be a 4-star hotel or a tent in the middle of the mountains?