Lao – Nature in its purest form

It already begins with the journey to Vientiane, the capital of this very special developing country. Immediately after having arrived you feel at home and every expected pressure, every hustle and bustle of a capital city is cancelled. The Laotians, like the Cambodians, are perfect hosts. Everything is organized somehow, every evening all rubbish is removed from the streets. Laos is known for its varied and good cuisine, for relaxed people and for breathtaking nature. As in the neighbouring country Cambodia, you are almost never begged. Everybody tries to help and everybody is friendly. The accommodations are handpicked by us and always special. Laos has perhaps the most beautiful and original nature of South East Asia.

Your next chance

The next Fundriding-enduro-tour will take place in Laos from 29 January – 10 February 2023.

The Track

Nothing for beginners – but you don’t have to be a pro either

If you take a closer look at the description of the individual daily stages, you might feel like me – goose bumps. It is our first off-road fundride in the mountains of Northern Laos. My Laotian colleague Thonghoon had the clear order from me to put together a track that no tracking tool can provide. The second requirement was to have as much off-road as possible and far away from any mainstream – he succeeded.

The track is based solely on local experiences and insider tips from Laotians with off-road experience. It is a unique adventure paired with driving delicacies, many river crossings and of course social commitment. We will have to load our Honda CRF 250 R onto small boats several times, help each other to master more difficult passages and experience remote places. A natural spectacle peppered with innumerable waterfalls, jungle and mountains, the track has it all and is nothing for fabric softeners, so much in advance.


Of course, for this off-road tour we don’t only want to appeal to professionals, but also to good motorcyclists who don’t yet have so much experience with off-road. Therefore, we are planning a whole day of settling in and a little training right after arrival. We think about forming two groups of 6-7 participants each, so that the more experienced have their fun and the less experienced feel no pressure. Of course, the two groups are not carved in stone and can be changed flexibly every day.

Medical care

As with every fundriding tour, we also want to have a doctor with us on the off-road tour. Especially in remote areas, first aid is important and reassuring in the event of an accident.

Unlike the bike and scooter fundriding tours, we are often off-road on the enduro tour, so a normal van cannot follow our track. Therefore we use a 4-wheeler for the enduro tour, which transports the doctor and our luggage. So, we have the doctor on hand even in rough terrain. An indispensable luxury for us.

Description of the day

Saturday: Departure from anywhere to Bangkok (BKK) and from there to Luang Prabang (LPQ);  don’t worry we will advise you on flights

Sunday, Luang Prabang: Welcome to Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage city and the former royal capital of Laos. Luang Prabang is considered the “most beautiful city in South East Asia”.

Today is the meeting point. All Fundriders surely looked forward to this day. Of course you will be picked up at the airport and after the long flight brought to our beautiful and very special accommodation, the Villa Saykham. For many it is the first contact with South East Asia, and for most it will be the beginning of a new love ….

Today we have to arrive – acclimatize – relax – greet each other in the evening.

  1. Overnight stay: Luang Prabang

Monday, Luang Prabang: Project day

  1. Overnight stay: Luang Prabang

Tuesday, Luang Prabang: Now the waiting is finally over. We accept our Enduros. Roland Debschütz and Thongkhoon, our Laotian guide, will help everyone to adjust their bike to their personal needs.

Every participant has some motorcycle experience, but not everyone has off-road or enduro experience. Therefore, we also ride the off-road parts in two to three smaller groups during the tour in order to be able to respond to the different riding levels in the terrain and everyone gets his money’s worth.

But today a small training is announced. Everybody should have enough time to make friends with the new vehicle and we have the opportunity to get to know you and to give you some advice or tricks.

Afterwards everyone is mobile and can take a look at Luang Prabang and the beautiful surroundings – every kilometre counts and the fuel is paid.

As we finally start tomorrow, we will of course have a detailed discussion in the evening.

  1. Overnight stay: Luang Prabang

Wednesday, Lung Prabang – Phonsavan 225 km 50% off-road: We will drive through remote mountain areas to Phonsavanh, the capital of Xiengkhouang province. The whole track leads through such a wonderful nature that you don’t know where to look. Since it is the first stage today, we limit ourselves to road and dirt roads, easy to drive, but already far away from any mainstream. Our destination is Phonsavanh, which we reach before dark. It is known for the “Plain of Jars” and the region is still heavily loaded with unexploded ordnance. Don’t worry, Thongkhoon and his team know the track like the back of their hand and we will only be on the paved roads.

If there is enough time, we will visit the working center of the Mine Advisory Group (MAG) of Laos, which operates the UXO clearance in this heavily bombed province. Here we learn about the sustainable effects of the bombs on the people of Laos. No country in the world has ever dropped more bombs per capita. As in Laos, a sad record, but a wonderful and interesting day – promised.

  1. Overnight stay: Phonsavanh

Thursday, Phonsavanh – Vieng Thong 145 km; 75 % off-road: An early departure is required today. Today will be a tougher tour. The share of tarred road is only 25% – yes, great. Today’s track leads us through really remote areas. It is not possible to find an acceptable restaurant for lunch, so we will enjoy a picnic outside in the midst of breathtaking nature. Traditional Laotian food lunch with sticky rice and “laap” to maintain our energy.

After a short breather we have to leave. We have a hard ride to Vieng Thong ahead of us. This small town is remote and lets us feel how individual and special our trip is. Enjoy.

  1. Overnight stay: Vieng Thong

Friday, Vieng Thong – Nongkhiau – Muang Ngoi Khao 185 km, 15 % off-road: Today we drive on asphalt along the beautiful road “Nr. 1”, which is shaded by a dense forest roof and runs almost without traffic up to Nongkhiau. We will have lunch in a local restaurant in the village. After a short rest the landscape becomes very beautiful again. We will drive on a dirt road along the river Nam Ou with a wonderful view of the limestone mountains – a dream. In Muang Ngoi Khao everyone can of course do what they want, but the Ning Ning Restaurant will certainly be the meeting point for everyone. Here we will enjoy a cool beer and a sunset that is unparalleled.

  1. Overnight stay: Muang Ngoi Khao

Saturday, Muang Ngoi Khao 0 km: A whole day break is announced. Everyone is mobile and of course allowed to do whatever they want.

  1. Overnight stay: Muang Ngoi Khao

Sunday, MaungNgoi or Ban Pong Jong – Kham Pout village – Muang Khau 95 km, 100% off-road: We will drive through a remote mountain area with some small river crossings and occasionally with adventurous skid bridges. A track you won’t forget – simply an experience for everyone. On the way we have a picnic before we drive to Muang Khau, where we stay overnight.

  1. Overnight stay: Muang Khau

Monday, Maung Khau -Nasamphan – Bountai 150 km 45 % off-road: Today is certainly one of the highlights of the trip. We start by putting our Hondas on wooden canoes that will take us across the river. Afterwards, we take remote dirt roads through many small villages of different ethnic groups. Most of these villages have very little contact with outsiders and generally live their traditional way of life, unchanged, for centuries.

The journey continues on dirt roads to Ban Tai, where we arrive in the late afternoon and move into our night camp at the Hong Thong Guesthouse.

  1. Overnight stay: Bountai

Tuesday, Bountai – Namor – Nalae 150 km, 100 % off-road: Wake up on a cool mountain morning and a breakfast at the local restaurant, wow. We start by climbing (driving) on a small farm track to the top of the mountain. For a few kilometres it gets very steep! Arrived at the top …. let us surprise you.

After the descent we cross the Nam Park River and continue on a dusty road to Na Mor. From here we continue our journey on a gravel road and some adventurous river crossings are waiting for us. We drive a kind of noose, very narrow, tricky and really exciting. Here we are certainly glad not to be alone, because sometimes we can’t go without mutual help.

Before sunset we arrive in Nalae, where you can play with the villagers near the guest house Petanque, a popular game with the locals!

  1. Overnight stay: Nalae

Wednesday, Nalae – Muang Houn – Pakbeng 120 km; 60% off-road: From Nalae we drive on a dirt road along the Nam Tha River up on the mountains with breathtaking views of remote villages and limestone karst. We drive through this incredible area until we reach Muang Houn.

After a rest we continue the last 50 km on asphalt to Pakbeng. We have to arrive as early as possible, because we still have to load our bikes onto the bottom, because tomorrow we are going on a big Mekong cruise ! J. Loading is not that easy, we all have to get involved.

But in the evening we will sit with a cool drink safely at the Mekong shore and review the track again.

  1. Overnight stay: Pakbeng

Thursday, Pakbeng – Luang Prabang by boat: Before we leave we stroll to the village market where ethnic minorities (mainly Khmu and Hmong) come from. The surrounding villages sell their goods here. Then we get on our ship and drive slowly downstream towards Luang.

Prabang back. During short stops we have the opportunity to visit the famous Pak Ou caves at the mouth of the Nam Ou and/or visit a small village and observe the traditional production process of Lao-Whisky.

Welcome back in Luang Prabang – one of the most beautiful cities of South-East Asia …..

  1. Overnight stay: Luang Prabang

Friday, Luang Prabang: Project day

  1. Overnight stay: Luang Prabang

Saturday, Luang Prabang: Enduro delivery and departure

Sunday: Arrival in Germany

*The track cannot be displayed true to the original because many paths (off-road, river, etc.) cannot be entered in My Maps.

Stops of the tour

  • A: Luang Prabang
  • B: Phonsavanh
  • C: Vieng Thong
  • D: Muang Ngoi Khao
  • E: Muang Khau
  • F: Bountai
  • G: Nalae
  • H: Luang Prabang

Requirements on the part of the participants

  • Motorbike driving licence
  • Health and travel insurance
  • own protective clothing
  • Everyone must acquire their own sponsors in the total amount of 100 cents/km in advance, just like on every Fundriding tour.

The cost sharing amounts to € 2.740,-

contained therein:

  • Assistance with fundraising for KM sponsors
  • Own fundraising page (German, English)
  • Own donation form
  • Promotional material: flyer, own business card, T-shirts
  • Handling of donations
  • Advice/information regarding all questions, e.g. flight, vaccinations, luggage, etc.
  • 12 nights in hotels/guest houses, special locations in single rooms
  • 10 days with a Honda CRF 250 R, including 1 day of rider training
  • Petrol and all lubricants
  • Service vehicles with driver for luggage, doctor, e-parts… (we meet each evening after the tour)
  • Medical care during the whole tour
  • Mechanic and e-parts for technical defects not caused by ourselves
  • Local tour guide, specialist for off-road, has extreme local knowledge, secret tracks, etc. …
  • German tour guide (Roland Debschütz)
  • Ferry tickets, river crossings
  • Local taxes and permits (subject to charge)
  • In case of fall/illness/abortion of the tour free return transport to the starting point Luang Prabang.

not included therein:

  • Flight
  • Single room supplement € 250
  • Damage due to falls
  • Catering costs

Additional options:

Of course anybody can add or store additional vacation time.

Donation goal

We drive for our orphanage in Ukraine and for an emergency relief project in Southeast Asia.

Your Guide