Apply now for the Enduro Fundriding Tour!

14 hand-picked places go to 14 interested applicants!

It is not easy to book participation in a Fundriding Tour. We have chosen the way of an application, because there are only a few places on each tour. A Fundrider should be socially interested and curious about the people and needs of the developing country. He/she may like to look for adventures and new challenges and want to make a completely different kind of holiday. However, interested parties must also be prepared to actively acquire supporters for their fundriding tour in the run-up to the trip. We support the Fundrider with an own personal driver page, an own donation form, both in German and English, individualized business cards and flyers, both digitally and in print form.

We would be delighted if you could convince us with your application that we should do this really great tour together.

A particularly important prerequisite for participating in our off-road tour across Laos is your driving level. We have decided that Enduro experience is a prerequisite. Now the level of this off-road experience is hard to measure. Nevertheless, we don’t want to rob the more experienced riders of their pace, their fun. In addition, the weaker riders should not come under pressure. Fortunately, with three guides we have the option to ride in two or three groups, so that nobody really gets under pressure, pressure is not a good environment to do it better. However, there should be some vehicle control. Also the size of the applicants plays a small role. With a size below approx. 1.55m, the Honda CRF 250 R is simply too high to handle.

We (Nadine & Roland) will master the track in pairs. We also give participants the opportunity to participate in pairs. In this case, however, the driving level should really be a little higher. Two people on a country lane is one challenge, but through rough terrain it’s quite another.

What type of person are you, how fit are you and what do you expect? Even if a fundriding tour is not a real group trip, teamwork and consideration are required. We don’t expect top performances and the off-road fundriding tour is certainly not a challenge. Rather, you should have the organized opportunity to enjoy your hobby, your sport in the breathtaking nature of Laos. Knowing that every kilometre helps is a motivation that should not be underestimated.

The track will be about 60% on dirt roads, through rivers, on small boats, on rough terrain, but also on dirt roads. Dare to be part of it, work towards the journey of your life and try to get hold of one of these places. Of course, we will take into account that you may want to travel with one or more applicants.


Apply for the tour. Fill out the application form below, attach a nice picture and go. If you are one of the chosen ones, you will have two tasks:

  • Fundriding works like a “sponsored walk” in school, only not on foot, but on Honda CRF 250 R. You have to look for your own Km-Sponsors in the amount of 100 Cent per kilometre driven (approx. 1.500 km) – your first step as a development aid worker.
  • Everyone has to get either a used wheelchair or a used laptop and take it with them to Laos. In the case of the wheelchair, you declare it as your own medical baggage on the flight and it will be transported free of charge. It is your personal project. You will also do it yourself, until you hand it over to the disabled person, who would not have a chance to lead a self-determined life without your commitment. Help him!

Prerequisites for participation are: fit and healthy, vaccinated, team player, socially oriented, nice, adventurous, a foreign health insurance and a travel insurance (e.g. ADAC-Plus).

The cost sharing amounts to € 2.490,-

contained therein:

  • Information/advice on flight options to the meeting point in Luang Prabang/Laos
  • Project, active development aid directly in our project, during the tour
  • 13 overnight stays in hotels/guesthouses, special locations
  • Honda CRF 250 R for 10 days
  • Petrol and all lubricants
  • Service vehicles with driver for luggage, doctor, e-parts… (we meet each evening after the tour)
  • Medical care during the tour
  • Mechanics and E-parts for technical defects not caused by yourself
  • local tour guide, specialist for off-road, has extreme local knowledge, secret tracks, etc …
  • German tour guides (Nadine and Roland Debschütz)
  • Ferry tickets, river crossings
  • Local taxes and fee-based permits
  • In the event of a fall / illness / cancellation of the tour, free return transport to our meeting point in Luang Prabang/Laos.

not included therein:

  • Flight to/from Bangkok (from approx. € 450,-), flight Bangkok – Luang Prabang – Bangkok (from approx. € 70,-)
  • Damage caused by falls
  • Food costs over water, fruits during the tour

Additional options:

Of course anybody can add or store additional vacation time.


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    Have you ever been to South East Asia? (no prerequisite)

    Do you have a motorcycle license?

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    Do you have Off-Road-expierence?

    How do you rate your condition / fitness?

    Will you acquire sponsors with a total value of at least € 1,- / km?

    Do you accept the accommodation available to you? This can be a 4-star hotel or a tent in the middle of the mountains?