My name is Detlef Mehlmann, I am 57 years young, married and father of a wonderful adult daughter. A couple of  years ago my wife and I were introduced to Roland, and from the first moment we got hooked on „Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.”. We are united by our social engagement; since many years my family is member of the “Biker4Kids”, a group of motor-bikers supporting the children’s hospice in Dusseldorf. In the meantime, our annual charity ride is one of the biggest biker charity events in Germany.

We joined Roland’s association immediately; shortly thereafter we took a sponsorship for Sreyleak in Cambodia to insure her an adequate education as the basis for a self-determined life. While we supported Roland on his first tours as a sponsor, I now decided to join his tour in December 2017.

Why am I doing this ? Because I don’t want to miss the „tour of my life“. Because I actively want to support Roland and his association „Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.“. And because I finally want to meet our goddaughter Sreyleak personally.

And now I am kindly asking you to support me as a sponsor for each kilometer I will finish on this tour through Cambodia. Like all other participants I committed to find sponsors for at least one EUR per kilometer in total, ideally more. I appreciate every support, even if it’s small (sponsorship starts with 0,01 EUR per kilometer).   As a matter of course you will receive a tax-deductable receipt afterwards.

And of course I am covering the costs for the trip by myself. Each single cent from my sponsors will be invested in one the extremely important projects of “Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.” in Cambodia !



Privat – Christian

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