Immediately after returning from my first tour in November of last year, two things were clear to me… one was that I wanted to do more than just go on this one tour and not show any more commitment to the country, the people of Cambodia and to the Small Relief Action after that. On the other hand, that I will go again, so in three to four years….

Then came a message from Roland that it will go again in November 2023, again to the families from last year and with two more, new Emergency projects and a wheelchair handover per participant.

It took about twenty seconds for the tingling in my body and the urge to directly say “yes” to become too big… Now I’m back and can’t wait. Even after all these weeks after this first tour, I still haven’t processed all the impressions. I can not put into words how much the country has absorbed me and how much the Khmer have won my heart with all their kindness, goodness and laughter coming from deep inside.





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