I’m Kira, 26 years young and I’m taking part in a fundriding tour through Laos and Cambodia in November 2023. We will ride a total of about 1,300 kilometers. Every cent donated will enable me to provide mandatory aid at various stopovers. This includes both infrastructural and humanitarian support, from water supplies to food and mosquito nets. The more money I raise, the more money I can spend on aid. Last year, the tour was able to collect about 65,000€ and put it into various emergency aid projects (including the construction of health centers).

Every cent you donate goes directly to a local aid project, because my travel expenses are NOT covered by donations, but paid privately by me.

Be part of the change and do something useful with your money! You will get a donation receipt on top.

Just click on “Become a KM Sponsor”. You can choose if you want to donate per kilometer or if you want to make a lump sum contribution. Every cent goes to the cause, I promise. If you like, I can send you pictures and reports of our tours and the use of funds.





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