Dear friends and supporters, I am Sandy, 27, I live and work in Lübeck and love traveling. Since I have not been to Asia yet, I plan to start in Cambodia in February 2018, and get to know this country. The flight to Bangkok is already booked. I am lolling in my swinging chair on a gloomy afternoon and am watching a Youtube video about Cambodia. Roland Debschütz talks about his “Kleine Hilfsaktion” and “Fundriding Tour” in February 2018. I was immediately excited. My thoughts spun like busy bees through my head: February 2018 (I will be in Cambodia then), helping people, meaningfully support people on site, 1: 1 and getting to know this country in my hitherto unaccustomed way. (On a scooter!). I’d like to do that, I thought, and now I’m a part of it. And now I must also find sponsors. I’ve never done anything like that before. But there’s always a first time. In fundriding, supporters donate a certain amount per kilometer traveled by me. (The tour is about 1100 km long). That can be from 0.01 euro per km (that would be a total of 11 euro). The goal is 1 euro per kilometer traveled. All sponsors receive a donation receipt via the amount donated and can be deducted from the tax. The cost of the tour will be completely payed by myself. And the donated money arrives 1: 1 in Cambodia, where it is needed. With the tour we support the project WASH – water, sanitation and hygiene training for Cambodia. Many schools do not have clean drinking water and no sanitation. The project would like handwash stations, building toilets with latrines, installation of biosand filters, and a system for catching rainwater. Together, this goal can be achieved. I hope to find many sponsors so that we can accomplish as much as possible on site and help together. Please help to support the people there and donate a small amount. I am looking forward to the tour and I would like to thank you for your support. Best Wishes Sandy


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