my name is Udo Brausen, and I am 47, married and have two adult children.

When I met Kerstin and Roland Debschütz some years ago, I was impressed by the commitment and passion with which the two were able to make the “Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.” come to life.

The fact that the money I donated actually was received by the people who are actually supposed to receive it, was very important to me.

Since the first Southeast Asia Travel I have always desired, to visit Cambodia and bring relief to the people with Roland. Now I have the chance.

Others only talk of doing, whereas I’ll do it and you can help me.

Please support the Fundriding-Tour of me, so the most possible people there can be supported as well.

I will document my journey on Facebook, as well as the Internet connection allows it. If the customs don’t stop me, I will thank you all with a pepper sample of probably the best pepper in the world.

Thank you very much



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