Dear ones, We need support! Our tour with mopeds, will lead us through Cambodia. It’s the first trip to Asia for me, and I’m already very curious. I immediately liked the idea of combining a holiday with an aid project. That’s why I applied and am now allowed to come along. The task of each participant is to find a lot of sponsors who will donate a small amount of money per kilometer driven (1200km). That means it’s time to get going:) Please help! Every sum counts! If you want to know more, then have a look at the page Fundriding through Cambodia;) Kind regards Ulrike


Become a Km-Sponsor

Private – Holger Herberg
Zahntechnik Potsdam – Holger Herberg
Zahnarztpraxis Herberg – Ulrike Herberg
Schutz Nutzfahrzeuge – Ralf Schultz
Private – Stephanie Dally
Private – Regina Herberg
Private – Susanne Herberg
Private – Jonas Bröckert
Private - Thomas Wirsik
Private - Benjamin Siehe
Medizinische Fußpflege – Kerstin Marquardt
Private - Johanna Schilling
Private - Jürgen Tietz