Dear sponsors and supporters, My name is Walter Berthold and I am 63 years old. I work as a trainer at the japanese company Olympus for cameras and medical products in the Europe-central in Hamburg. Motorcycling is my passion. I also play squash and tennis and I also like to cook. I spend a lot of my free time on motorcycle racetracks, and that is where I heard about Roland Debschütz and his aid projects for the first time. His humanitarian activities inspired me from the start and I also support them privately. Direct and immediate help for the Third World – I liked that immediately. When I first heard about the fundriding tour, I was instantly thrilled. This year, in December, I will be in Cambodia and can combine fun with driving on two wheels with the help and support of the poorest of the poor. Together with my wife I was already traveling in some Asian countries. Each time we were surprised at how friendly and cheerful people are in spite of their poverty. If we are able to decrease this poverty with the fundriding tour, it has already paid off. What’s better than to help on the spot, to talk with those concerned, to see what projects can be launched. The greatest reward is to experience the surprise and joy of the people immediately, when good happens to them. I hope and wish to find a lot of sponsors who share this idea with me and support me with a kilometer donation. The goal is to collect sponsorship fees of at least 1.00 EUR for each kilometer (total of approx. 1,100 km), if it is more, it won’t hurt. From 0.01 EUR you are a part of it. The more donations come together, the more people can receive help. The good thing is that the funds are used directly on site for clean drinking water, eye surgery and landmine search. Join me on the tour, enjoy it with me and the people who can be helped and just click on the donation link. And remember! You can make the donation fully dismissed of the tax! Thanks a lot Your Walter


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