In 2019 there will be two fundriding tours again. The first Lao tour in spring and in Nov/Dec our classic – Cambodia. The amount of times we can still offer the original route depends on the rate at which the environmental destruction progresses.

The Autumn Tour 2019 will again serve a very special project purpose. For six years the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. has been helping about 250 poor children in Kandieng/Central Cambodia with the Kandieng Sustainable School (Link) to have access to the urgently needed educational opportunity to escape the vicious circle of educational poverty.

Like every year, we will celebrate a beautiful and emotional school party with the children during the Fundriding-Tour in Nov/Dec 2019. For most students, this is the biggest festival of the whole year.

The support of the students is of course their family. Our students are all part of families of the lowest class, they are usually not able to guarantee the survival of all family members. They mostly live in huts that simply exceed our imagination. They have no running water and only rarely access to electricity. Sometimes they are only tolerated on foreign land and often have no access to the simplest health care.

We want to strengthen the families behind our students. We want to filter out the cases of hardship and provide targeted help. The Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. is very experienced in so-called emergency projects, which certainly stand behind many of the 250 fates. Education must also be able to fall on fertile ground, which we want to take care of with our fundriders.

Furthermore, each Fundrider must bring either a wheelchair as his own medical luggage (free of charge) or two good used laptops for our school. Let’s go …

We are so motivated!!! Join us!