Actually, I had sworn to myself that I'd NEVER sit on a motorcycle again. And certainly not in the back... Silent. Always a helmet in front of your eyes, the eternal fear of the bumper in curves, the sweat streams under the black motorcycle leather suit in the sun, the rain that slowly penetrates the leather, runs down your back into your shoes and finally entering the disco with sticky hair. That was in 1980! Today everything looks completely different: My husband is not sitting in front of me, but drives in front of me, my hands are on my own handlebars and the sticky hair doesn't bother me anymore... And now it gets really exciting, because I'm going to take a charity ride on a scooter through Cambodia. Every one of the about 1200 kilometres counts and every kilometre adds 1 Euro to the donation box. I am thankful for all sponsors who support me in this action, who are willing to donate an amount for every driven kilometer, be it a fixed amount or per driven kilometer. Of course I bear my own costs myself and every cent donated goes to an aid objective on site. I will experience even more: I will hand over a used wheelchair from Germany to a person who from this point on can decide for themself where he will move. I will experience first hand how big things are done through – for us – small means, how villages, schools and wells are built, how people regain their sight with the help of an operation. I'll probably swim from one sea of tears to the other. But it will ground me, give me unforgotten impressions that will sharpen my view of the essential. I thank the fundriding team for giving me such an opportunity and want to thank everyone for their donation, which will arrive safely there for what it is intended. With my best wishes Doerte


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