!! Thank you for helping us !!!


I am Ferdinand, 22 years old, and with your support I am trying to improve the lives of as many people as possible in Ukraine and Cambodia.

In the style of a charity run, I am riding 1,300 kilometres on a scooter through Cambodia and hope to raise a lot of money for different aid projects.

About 50% of the donations will be used for emergency aid projects in the developing country, the rest will be used to support an orphanage in the west of Ukraine.

Thanks to your donation, we will be able to get directly involved on the ground, as each participant will work on three individual emergency aid projects.

I am happy about every contribution you can make to this wonderful project. Whether 1ct (13,00 €), 2 ct (26,00 €) or one Euro per kilometre – no matter how much, YOU HELP!

Of course, you can also support the projects with a larger, kilometre-independent amount.

Donations in kind such as laptops or medical equipment are also urgently needed. Please feel free to contact me or Nadine and Roland from the “Kleine Hilfsaktion”.

Of course, you will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for your donation.

I hope to see as many happy faces as possible on this adventure.

It is important to me that you also get an insight into what your help has achieved. Therefore, I will share many impressions with you during and after the trip.

Of course, I will bear the costs for the entire trip myself and 100% of your donation will go to our friends in Cambodia and the children of the orphanage in Ukraine.

You can follow the tour on both social media channels:
Instagram: Ferdinand Knüttel (@kn_ferdi_) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos
Facebook: Ferdinand Knüttel | Facebook

Thank you very much.



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