Making a bank transfer is one thing. Quickly done, easily done and already something is done for a good cause. But this time I don’t just want to be a donor, I also want to be part of this action. Not the one who opens his online banking and sends money with a snap of his fingers, but the one who goes where the money goes.
As the saying goes: celebrations are celebrated as they fall. By a lucky coincidence, two places became available at short notice this year and I got one of them. Without much talk, it was clear to me that action had to follow. Accordingly, I decided without further ado, within 2 hours, to become part of this group.
“I would, I could, but I can’t and I can’t. If that and the case arises, I could think about it again…”
Just jump over your own shadow. Immerse myself in a world that is completely foreign to me and get to know cultures with which I have had no contact so far.
According to the motto: “Don’t talk, do it”.
It’s a special challenge for me to embark on this kind of trip, because I’m the typical German holidaymaker who tans on the beach in an all-inclusive hotel and never misses a buffet 😉 .
I’m not doing this trip to share “great” pictures and videos with my friends or the public. I’m doing this trip to make myself aware that there are other values in life than the balance of a bank account. Helpfulness and cohesion, that’s what matters. In a country where money is something that only very few people have.
Not only taking, but also giving.

Finally, I would like to appeal to my readers.

It would be great if you could support me and the campaign in the form of donations. Every cent counts! I am grateful for any support.

It is important to mention that the travel costs are completely paid by myself.

Many thanks


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