Donations for a good cause: We will ride about 1200 km through Cambodia on big scooters and visit the aid projects directly, get to know people and see where help is needed. With this campaign we collect donations in Germany for a project in Cambodia, where the money is really needed. Here on the web page and the linked Kleine Hilsaktion e.V. you will find a lot of information about it. Sponsors - actually better donors: Many people know it from school, I need sponsors who donate money for the project for every kilometre I drive. Sponsor is actually the wrong term from my point of view, I am looking for donors - of course I pay my travel expenses completely myself, the donations are used to 100% for the good cause and I will personally check that! You indicate how many cents per kilometer you want to donate to Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V., earmarked for the project of the tour. Of course there is a donation receipt for this, which you can deduct from your taxes! So, I need your help - please support the project in Cambodia together with me and donate as much as you like, every cent helps! Of course you are also welcome to donate more, there is no limit to the amount you can donate. Example calculation: We will drive about 1200 km and you tell us how many cents you donate per kilometer driven.
  • With 1 Cent x 1200 km = 12,00 €
  • With 5 cents x 1200 km = 60,00 €
  • With 10 cents x 1200 km = 120,00 €
  • With 50 cents x 1200 km = 600.00 €
With more proportionately more, you decide yourself how many cents, these are only examples. The kilometres actually driven will vary of course, but believe me - I'm going in circles again for a good cause! Again - our travel expenses, guides and everything around our trip we pay completely by ourselves as participants, the donations are for the good cause COMPLETELY! Billing: After the trip you will receive a "bill" after kilometres driven and then donate the agreed amount to Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. in Germany for the agreed project in Cambodia. I will probably take part in the trip in December 2018, but unfortunately I can't promise it yet. If not, I will try it on the next tour at the end of 2019, I promise - but your donations will remain until then. If I don't get it, my donors will go to the Guide Roland Debschütz and you donate after his kilometers at the end of 2019, the money should arrive there in Cambodia, even if I shouldn't make it. But I will do my best to be there - ATTACK!!!!! Why Fundriding? The project sounds like a real adventure - and in connection with Gunnar Bartel a good cause! Looking behind the scenes, really getting to know the country, the conditions and above all the people - for real and not embellished by any media, that really appeals to me! I think it's great to be able to donate directly to the projects there, I'm very happy to support it and do something for a good cause. To my person: I am 36 years old, divorced, childless and self-employed in IT since 2001. I have accompanied youth groups in the past and have been socially committed again and again. I have been doing voluntary work for over 10 years. In the sports club - mainly in table tennis - I took over the youth work for many years, managed the entire division for 10 years, organized tournaments, festivities and much more and got involved in the club and donated more often, in material and monetary form. I call myself a system critic and I am very clearly against the exploitation of poorer countries. Unfortunately, I lack some backgrounds here and I do not live as a "holy Samaritan", but am part of the system and work in capitalism. BUT - I think it is very important to deal consciously with your environment and to give something back when you feel better! My great passion - okay, one of my great passions - is motorcycling. On the road, however, it soon became unreasonable due to my sporting orientation, which is why I came to the topic of the race track. I really got into it and wanted to bring the subject closer to others and get "the savages" off the road and offer more on closed-off routes. More fun, but also more safety! It all started with privately organized laps on a closed track and about 3 years ago I founded Trackdays4you to offer sportive corner training on the race track. The claim was and is to take a high quality, good instructors, good support and beginners by the hand and to open them up to the topic. Meanwhile it has grown a bit bigger and beginners mix with racers - but exactly the mix makes it exciting for me, I love it!


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