my name is Heinrich – Henry called, am 68 years young and at home in Bad Wiessee.

When I supported Heinrich W. as a sponsor 3 years ago, I could not imagine what it meant. In November 2022 I went myself as a fundrider and it was an incredible experience. Every cent goes to the families and emergency aid projects.

When I got the message from Roland, we will do a Fundriding Tour in Nov. 2023 to Laos and Cambodia,… I couldn’t say no. We will again hand over one wheelchair each and sustainably implement many emergency projects through “your” help. help sustainably.

So: every cent helps and is also urgently needed. Either as KM sponsor from 1 cent or with a fixed amount. I hope you will be there (again)….!!!

Of course I will pay my travel expenses myself again!

Kind regards






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