Jens Kuck,

Born 10. April and raised in Aachen. After my training as an engineering mechanic of Biomedical Engineering I had an apprenticeship as car mechanics focus bicycle mechanics.

The love of speeding has already taken me to so many race courses, whether Supermoto, Enduro or Superbike in the IDM, pretty much everything is in it already.

Since 2007, I run my own motorcycle shop in my adopted home town called Dinkelsbuehl.

For 8 years now I have been the motorbike face at GRIP The Motor Magazine. 2015 I started with the YouTube Channel Grip Bike Edition. Even though I will stay faithful to GRIP, there will be some little changes. In June 2016 I will start my own YouTube Channel JENS KUCK Motolive style.

I am pleased to be back in the Fundriding Tour. I will accompany the tour with my camera and you will of course be able to watch the clips on my YouTube Channel later on.

To be able to help the people of Cambodia and to know that the aid arrives exactly where it is needed is the greatest thing!

Jens Kuck

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