Hello dear interested people,

if you have landed on this page, then you probably know me, or someone who knows me and possibly you have also been vehemently chatted up by me personally in the last weeks and months. Rightly so!

What was still theory in summer 22, has made me through my first tour as a (still very, very amateur) Fundriderin, a real conviction and fundraiser.

With the Small Relief Action (KHA) and its partners on the ground, every € is really meaningfully brought in. Because they help people humanely, professionally, well connected and directly, without big overheads. People for whom nothing we have can be taken for granted. From food, to halfway decent housing, to medical care and education. Only possible with your donations. I know there are many, far too many emergencies that need to be addressed. Organizations and projects that should be supported. Nevertheless, the KHA makes a difference for me, because I was allowed to be part of this great tour, and I have already experienced how directly the money arrives here, how necessary it is and how many lives have already been changed.

The little boy, with the “stuck”, scalded hands, who can use his hands normally again and go to school, the many people who could leave their cots again for the first time thanks to the wheelchairs, the many children who were happy because they could attend school and also those who simply had one less worry due to the basic supply of food.

The country, the people and the KHA in Cambodia inspired me and I thank every sponsor who continues to help us support emergency projects in Laos and Cambodia. If a lot of people help a little bit, then a lot is already achieved. A small kilometer sponsorship goes already for 10-15 €.

Like all other fundriders, I will of course pay for my own travel expenses and will buy appropriate certificates from climate protection projects to compensate for the unavoidable CO2 emissions.




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