For more than 10 years, I have felt very connected to the Kleine Hilfsaktion. Roland Debschütz opened a door for me in the direction of Cambodia, which has since become a revolving door for me.

It all started when my marketing and communications agency springer f3 supported the fundraising of the Kleine Hilfsaktion. Apparently quite successfully – because at the end of 2014 Roland Debschütz asked me if I would like to accompany him on a tour to Cambodia. Although I wasn’t actually drawn to Southeast Asia, I got involved in this adventure.

At our first meeting in Banan with Bong Kov and David Emery from our partner organisation “Bareebo”, the first item on the agenda was “Getting Rolf involved”. Looking back, we can say: It worked. The country and even more its people “captured” me and I have since repeated the trip several times – as a reporter, tour guide and also privately.

The Fundriding tour in November 2023 will be my eighth trip to Cambodia and I will accompany the Fundriders as a guide and travel reporter. Of course, I am also collecting donations for the work of the Small Relief Action on site. This year, the money goes to emergency aid projects where we help people in need unbureaucratically and directly.

The very intensive and moving journeys to Cambodia have led to the fact that today I am also a certified mediator and importer of Kampot pepper. I am grateful for the many experiences and encounters of our tours and hope that I can give back as much as possible again this year in the form of donations

I am happy about any support. It starts at just one cent per kilometre. Please share, like and comment on our travel coverage whenever you can!

I am counting on you!

Thank you and best regards

Rolf Externbrink





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