Fundriding for a good cause at the end of the world … Twice already I have declined with thanks and settled for the sponsor role. Quite comfortable and yet effective, since I know firsthand that my donation will arrive one hundred percent exactly there and will benefit those for whom it is intended.

This year now it is to be different. I, too, will now be part of the small group of adventure-seekers, or – in my case – at least adventure-lovers, who will be supporting aid projects in Cambodia on the ground as part of the Fundriding tour through Laos and Cambodia initiated by Kleine Hilfsaktion.

The concept is as simple as it is effective: Instead of running (or having run) laps around the schoolyard, I undertake (at my own expense, of course) a trip to Cambodia and ride many kilometers (about 1400 km) there on a big-bike scooter, for which I am looking for km sponsors. Your money, which I “bring in”, will then go to one hundred percent to aid projects in Cambodia. And the great thing is: I am there and spend the money myself – be it for spontaneous, humanitarian emergency aid or for aid projects planned by a longer hand. I’m excited to see with my own eyes how the families and people who received help on the last Fundriding Tour in 2022 are faring. What it’s like to see rudimentary living conditions that I can improve with minimal effort on our part. What it’s like to know that the child has perspective with our help. How it feels to see that the wheelchair I bring in allows the person to participate in village life again. Or, or, or… Since I have already heard so many enthusiastic testimonials and seen so many photos, it is difficult to put into words what this “Project Cambodia” is all about. Telling it is definitely better.

And then, of course, there is the trip itself – at my expense, of course. Two weeks on two wheels through Laos and Cambodia. Exciting! Actually an unbeatable combination. Why didn’t I make up my mind before?

Are you with me? Maybe like me – donate now and ride yourself next time? Either way, I appreciate your support, penny for penny, there are no be(i)tages too small. And travel reports are included.






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