Hey you guys out there, how are you doing?

It’s us again Nicole and Udo ….

We have the Cambodia tour in November last year so “blown away”, our projects us so moved and sustainable in the heart hit, that we go this year again. Now to get to know Laos, is the absolute madness.

After the tour is before the tour and yes “Same Procedere as Last Year”.
You sponsor our driven km or donate a fixed amount and we use this money in our projects in Cambodia. This help is sustainable and urgently needed. Everyone who wants will be kept up to date by us during the tour through photos (via WhatsApp). We will take you with us and report daily.

Now it’s up to you, every cent counts and your donation is tax deductible. Now press the “become a km sponsor” button and enter your amount, there is no reason not to do it.

Of course we will pay our travel expenses ourselves again.


Nicole and Udo Brausen





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